35 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers

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It can be difficult to communicate with teens and know what they really like. Here’s a list of stocking stuffer ideas for teenagers to help!

Saving this list of Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers. What a great list for teens!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers

The teen years are a time of transition that isn’t always easy. Teens typically gravitate more toward their friends and communicate less with their parents. Even when we try to talk to them, they often reply with short answers and don’t care to engage in conversation. That’s what happened when I asked my teens what they wanted for Christmas.

Oh, they had no problem rattling off a few very expensive items (by the way, I find that easy to do as well!), but when I pressed about smaller, more practical gifts they had no suggestions.

Three of our five kids are currently teenagers. I thought they would be a great source to gather stocking stuffer ideas for teenagers. So, I texted them, “I am writing an article about Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens. Please text me a few of the best stocking stuffers you’ve ever gotten or wished to get.” Half an hour later one of my kids responded, “Tic Tacs!” There were no responses from the others. 

I ended up compiling a list of ideas on my own. Even though they were not forthcoming with ideas, they were more than happy to “approve” or “disapprove” of each item on a list I presented. Below are the items that were approved by my teens.

The 35 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers below are broken into 3 lists:
15 items for girls or boys, 10 items for girls, and 10 items for boys.
I hope they will be helpful to other parents of teens!

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Stocking Stuffer ideas for Teenagers (gender neutral)

The first 15 items on the list would be great for just about any teenager. It’s a good mix including snacks, gift cards, tech gadgets, gift cards, and even cash. Who wouldn’t like that?

  1. Gummy Bears
  2. Earbuds
  3. Tic Tacs
  4. Headphone Splitter
  5. Hand Sanitizer (add a cute holder, too!)

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers

Here are some additional bonus items I have recently purchased for teenagers, and they LOVED them!

Feminine Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers

If you’re shopping for a teenager who prefers feminine items, here are some to consider.

  1. Temporary Hair Chalk
  2. Nail Polish & Accessories
  3. Razor
  4. Lip Balm
  5. Hair Accessories
  6. Fuzzy Socks
  7. Water Bottle (Stanley Tumblers are my daughter’s favorite!)
  8. Journal
  9. Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies
  10. Makeup Accessories & Storage

Masculine Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers

Here are 10 stocking stuffer ideas that would please the guys on your shopping list.

  1. Foldable Headphones
  2. Chapstick
  3. Socks & Underwear (good brand like Under Armour)
  4. Watch
  5. Cologne
  6. Razor
  7. Graphic Tees
  8. Keychain (full of gadgets or a not so serious one)
  9. Pocket Survival Tool
  10. Paracord Survival Bracelet

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Saving this list of Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers. What a great list for teens!

Do you have more ideas?

I’m always looking to expand this list. If you have additional ideas, please drop them in the comments below. We can all use some help when shopping for teens!

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