5 Ways Meal Planning Will Save You Time


Think you don’t have time for meal planning? What if I told you meal planning will save you time…way more time that it takes to plan meals for a week? Read on for life changing tips!

Here are 5 good reasons to give Meal Planning a try. I could use some extra time. It doesn't sound too difficult.

Have you wanted to try meal planning but think you just don’t have the time? Maybe you’ve even tried meal planning before and gave up because it was just too much work.

What if I told you that Meal Planning can actually save you time?
Could you use a little extra time in your day? Me, too!

Here Are 5 Ways Meal Planning Will Save You Time

Meal Planning Will Save You Time

Less Trips to the Grocery Store

When you have a meal plan for the week, you’ll eliminate all those extra stops at the grocery store on your way home. Sure, you might have to stop once in a while and pick up an extra gallon of milk, but there will be no more stopping every day for last minute dinner ingredients.

Meal Planning Will Save You Time

You’ll Be More Aware of Your Schedule

Meal Planning gets you in the habit of checking your calendar early. You’ll plan meals that fit within your busy schedule. Knowing what the week looks like well in advance will help you avoid the stress that comes from juggling calendar events.

Meal Planning Will Save You Time

Less Time in the Grocery Store

When you run into the grocery store on your way home, hundreds of other people are doing the same thing at the same time. Right around dinner time is one of the busiest times for grocery stores. You’ll spend as much time waiting in line (sometimes more) than it takes you to gather the few items you needed. It’s impossible to get in and out quickly when the store is so crowded. Meal planning helps you avoid this crazy time altogether.

Meal Planning Will Save You Time

More Dinner Ideas

By keeping your “old” weekly meal plans in a folder or binder, you’ll accumulate a library of meal ideas at your fingertips. Instead of having to think of new dinner ideas every week, you can pull some family favorites from previous weeks and sprinkle in new dinners as you like. Each week you’ll get quicker and quicker at meal planning because you’ll have more and more ideas to choose from. (Learn more about my Favorite Dinner Ideas method.)

Meal Planning Will Save You Time

No More Last Minute Decisions

How much time do you waste just trying to decide what’s for dinner? Are we going out or staying home? What are we making? What restaurant are we going to? I know my family can waste half an hour or more just trying to make a dinner decision. When you have a plan in place early, there is no guessing and no wasted time. Of course, you can always change your mind at the last minute and go out. That is still an option, but it happens a lot less often in our family when our meal plan is already set.

I hope the idea of having a little more time in your week has motivated you to give meal planning a try. I can’t wait to hear how it impacts your family time!

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Now it’s your turn! Go create a weekly meal plan and see for yourself how meal planning will save you time!

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