Being a Mom is tough! There are so many things pulling at you.

  • Do you struggle juggling all the demands of being a Mom?
  • Does it feel like there’s no free time in your life?
  • Are you working to get all the chores done but never feeling caught up?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by it all?
  • Have you reached the point of admitting you need some help and systems in place to get your life back?

This struggle is more manageable with a plan in place, and I can help!

As a working Mom of 5 I’ve been there. Over the years I’ve developed strategies and systems that save time. The precious time saved using these strategies allows me to focus on my family as well as taking care of myself. My passion is to share these methods with other Moms and help you create more free time in your life. I find true fulfillment providing tools and guidance to help busy Moms like you! The goal is to thrive and really enjoy life. 

Together we’re Finding Time To Fly

a little more about me

Hell0, I’m Melisha!

Welcome to Finding Time To Fly!
I’m Melisha Kreppein, a busy wife, mom of 5, wearer of many hats who struggles to keep everything in balance.

Here are a few other random facts about me:

  • I love coffee but am very picky about it. {Yes, I’m a coffee snob.}
  • I love learning new things, but I prefer to teach myself. I think it all started when my Dad bought me a piano when I was 8 years old, and I taught myself to play.
  • I love music and used to sing with the Praise Team at my church.
  • I know God has a sense of humor because I love cleanliness and order, and He gave me 5 kids.
  • The beach is my happy place.
  • Some of my favorite movies are “It’s A Wonderful Life” (I watch it every year) and “My Cousin Vinny (cracks me up every single time).
  • I love, love, love Christmas – especially decorating, the music, and there can never be too many lights.
  • I struggle with my weight, and I’m constantly searching for healthy recipes that taste yummy, not “healthy.”
  • Even though I tend to be an introvert, I love spending time with friends and family.
  • I am a forgiven, loved and treasured child of God and so grateful for His presence in my life!
  • I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over 33 years, and he is my best friend. We have 4 sons ages 29, 25 (who recently blessed us with a beautiful and super smart daughter-in-law), 23, 21, and a daughter who is 17.
  • Food – My two favorite kinds of recipes are crowd-pleasing family meals and healthy  meals that don’t taste healthy. I’ll put a little more time and effort into healthy recipes, but I like to keep my family meals quick and easy.
  • Family – My husband and I have been together since high school. Over 38 years together and raising 5 kids has taught us a lot about relationships, love, and forgiveness. I’ll share some of the lessons we’ve learned about raising kids and being purposeful about keeping our marriage strong.
  • Home – I love for my home to be comfortable, welcoming, and clean, but I don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on it. I’ll let you in on some of my cleaning shortcuts, home organizing tips and inexpensive home decor projects.
  • Entertaining – I’ve been known to go a little overboard on a kid’s birthday party or a baby shower for a friend. I love putting together all the little details that make the guest of honor feel truly special. I’ll share party planning strategies and DIY projects that will make entertaining a breeze, keep costs down, and allow you to enjoy the party as well.

BUT, there has been one recurring lesson God has been teaching me all these years.

We have to put the most important things first.
God, family, and fun.

God is teaching me that I cannot do everything! Focusing on the most important things first keeps everything in balance. I am learning that to achieve a truly happy life,

we must balance the things we have to do
while still making time for the things we love to do

I invite you to join me on this journey to balance all the good things in life and keep the most important things first. Together we’ll be…

Let’s stay in touch!

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What you’ll find on

Easy Recipes

The recipes I share are tried and true family dinners, side dishes, and desserts that are easy to make. Every recipe includes step-by-step photos and can be printed to put into your own Recipe Binder for easy reference.

For a quick start I’ve combined 20 Easy to Make Weeknight Dinners into an eCookbook, but there are even more easy dinner recipes available on the blog.

delicious recipes your family will love

20 Easy to Make
Weeknight Dinner Recipes

This cookbook contains 20 easy-to-cook family dinners. You’ll have enough dinner ideas for 4 weeks without repeating a meal. Every recipe has a picture of the dish. At the bottom of each recipe is a link to the recipe post on Simply click on the link, and you’ll be taken directly to the recipe post with step-by-step in process photos.

Meal Planning

One of the most time consuming tasks is planning, shopping for, and cooking family meals. I’ve been meal planning for our family for over 20 years and have developed a system to get it done quickly. I’ll teach you how to plan meals in less than 15 minutes a week. Having a meal plan in place will enable you to eat out less, serve a variety of healthy meals to your family, and take the stress out of dinner.

everything you need to meal plan in 15 minutes

50+ Printables for Meal Planning

This Meal Planning Kit has everything you need to plan weekly meals in just 15 minutes. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Meal Planner Sheets in 9 layout options (weekly, biweekly and monthly)
  • Pantry and Meal Inventory Sheets
  • Recipe Binder Kit with 25 category dividers and 8 cover options


  • 100+ Dinner Ideas
  • 70+ Side Dish Ideas
  • Pantry Essentials Checklist
  • Ultimate Lunch Box Idea List – This list has gone viral on Pinterest!

Home Decor and Organization Made Simple

Entertaining Made Easy

Make yourself at home!

I invite you to start clicking around and explore.