Thanks a Latte Teacher Gift Card Holder

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Here’s a super simple teacher gift idea! Print this teacher gift card holder, add candy and a Starbucks gift card to a domed cup. They will love it!

Other Teachers and Staff to Remember

In addition to classroom teachers, there are many other professionals who invest in our kids throughout the school year. They are often overlooked for gift giving at Christmas and the end of the year. Your thoughtfulness would mean so much to them. If you think of someone I missed, please leave a comment so I can update the list.

  • Principal and Vice Principal
  • Elective Teachers (chorus, art, etc.)
  • Front Office Staff
  • Custodians
  • Librarian
  • Lunchroom staff
  • Bus Driver
  • Crossing Guard
  • Resource Officer
  • PE Teachers and Coaches
  • Club Sponsors
  • Tutorers
Teacher Gift Card Holder

Before I had kids of my own I taught elementary school for a couple of years. Some of my students would bring a gift for Christmas or at the end of the school year. It was never expected, but it was always appreciated. Gift cards were among my favorite gifts, and some of them got really creative with the teacher gift card holder.

Gift cards make great gifts for teachers because it allows them to have some extra funds to treat themselves during the summer when they aren’t working. Teachers often spend their own money during the school year on “extras” for the classroom, so it’s nice to give something back to them that is especially for them.

My daughter loves to give her teachers Starbucks Gift Cards. Even if they don’t drink coffee, there are plenty of other treats to choose from, and it always feels like a special treat to go to Starbucks. If you love the idea of giving a Starbucks gift card as a gift, this Coffee Teacher Gift Card Holder is perfect!

What You’ll Need to Make Your Teacher Gift Card Holder

Things you’ll need

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How to Assemble your Teacher Gift Card Holder

Teacher Gift Card Holder

Begin by getting the tags ready.
Download and print the full sheet of Teacher Gift Card Holder Tags.

Tip: Add a note and your name!

Before assembling your Teacher Gift Card Holder, write a short note on the back of the tag and sign your name. The message will mean a lot to your teacher, and you want him or her to know who the gift is from. It will be easier to write on the back of the tag before assembling the gift.

Cut them out with scissors or a paper cutter. I like to cut about 1/8 of an inch away from the edge to leave a white border around the tag. If your only making a few scissors will work fine. However, if you’re planning to make a lot of these a paper cutter will save time and make neat, straight cuts.
Punch a hole in the top center of the tag, and tie a ribbon or string through the hole. Make sure to leave enough room for the straw to fit through.

Teacher Gift Card Holder for a Starbucks gift card

Fill the cup about half way with candy or other filler. I like to use candy because it becomes another delicious part of the gift. Choose your teacher’s favorite candy or something individually wrapped. Miniature candy bars work great as filler.

Place the gift card on top of the candy. Then place the lid on the cup.

Insert the straw and hang the gift tag on it

These Coffee Teacher Gift Card Holders are so easy to assemble that you can create multiple gifts in just minutes. I hope you’ll enjoy making these as much as teachers love receiving them!

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Teacher Gift Card Holder for Starbucks gift card
Teacher Gift Card Idea

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