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So…what is Finding Time To Fly?
Do you struggle to keep your busy life in balance?
Do work and life’s daily chores take up all of your time?
Do you wish you had more time to enjoy life, family and friends?
Do you feel bogged down in all the things you have to get done to the point of never getting to the things you want to do?
Could you use some help organizing your time?
Could you use some time-saving tips?
I’d love for you to come along on this journey with me. I’ll share some lessons I’ve learned (and the ones I am still learning) to help you, and maybe you can help me, too.

Here are some of the lessons I’m learning and write about on Finding Time To Fly:

  • Keep God the main focus of your life.
    I’ll share some of my favorite devotionals and scriptures and how I incorporate them into my life as well as how I share them with our children.
  • Do the things you have to do quicker and better so you have more quality family time.
    I’ll post tips for organizing your home, planning meals, recipeshome improvement and more.
  • Celebrate the good things in life.
    I’ll share simple, frugal, and time-saving tips to help you celebrate all of life’s special moments without breaking the budget or stressing out over planning the event.

This is the motivation behind Finding Time to Fly.

Put God first.
I’ve learned that when I make the effort to start my day with a simple devotion and spend some time in prayer, my days seem more balanced. Focusing on God’s word daily helps filter my day through His teaching. My reactions to life’s surprises are a little more faith-focused and even the big hurdles seem smaller through His eyes. Even if only for 5 minutes a day, focusing on things above sets the tone for all that will develop throughout the day. Because we all know something challenging will pop up, right?

Get the work and chores done quickly and efficiently.
We all have things in life we don’t enjoy doing but have to get done. Planning and cooking meals, cleaning the house, shopping, laundry – all these things have to be done but seem never-ending. I’ve found that when you are organized and have a “system” to deal with the chores of life they get done quicker, better and become less of a hassle.

Purposefully choose how you spend your time.
The struggle to find the balance between work time and family time is extremely difficult. My work is never done (working at my church, blogging or Mom-ing), and I love all of those jobs. It can be a tough judgement call to know which is the more pressing emergency: a deadline or attending gymnastics practice. I’m learning the importance of setting and keeping work-time boundaries to protect my precious family time. God has blessed me with jobs I love, but He never intended for work to run my life.

Celebrate Life With Family and Friends.
One of my favorite things to do is get together with friends and family to celebrate the big and little things in life. Sometimes I have weeks to plan an event, and sometimes I find out people are coming over in less than 24 hours. No matter how much or little time I have, I enjoy making events special. I’ll share some of my time and money saving tips for planning celebrations of all kinds.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to balance all the good things in life and keep the most important things first. Together we’ll be…

Finding Time To Fly!

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