Best Gifts for Adult Children: Top Picks for 2023

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Selecting gifts for young adults can be challenging. The gifts for adult children listed below have all been recommended and approved by my own adult children. Here are some great gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, or for when they move out and get their first place on their own.

Useful Gifts for Adult Children

Best Gifts for Adult Children

My adult children tend to appreciate gifts that are both practical and thoughtful. When it comes to selecting the perfect gift, it’s essential to keep in mind that many young adults are navigating life and establishing their independence. Therefore, gifts that can aid in their day-to-day lives, be it for their personal use or household, will be highly cherished.

Gifts for adult children can range from useful kitchen gadgets to stylish home decor. When considering the best options, pay attention to the recipient’s lifestyle, preferences, and needs. Knowing their interests and personal taste will make the gift selection process more straightforward and ultimately lead to a more successful and appreciated present.

Before purchasing a gift for an adult child, consider factors such as quality, practicality, and personal touch. A durable and long-lasting item is more likely to be used and valued, while something that adds a touch of personalization can make the present truly meaningful. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and consider unique items that capture the individual’s personality and style.

I’ve researched and tested multiple gifts for adult children to find the best options that make their lives easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately more fulfilling. With the perfect gift, you can deepen your connection with your loved one and provide them with something they will cherish for years to come.

Kitchen Gifts for Adult Children

Kitchen Gifts for Adult Children including a personalized recipe book, kitchen utensils, and knife sets
  1. Personalized Recipe Book: Create a custom recipe book including family recipes and their favorite meals. Include some extra empty sheet protectors so they can continue to grow their collection. This Recipe Binder Kit includes over 70 printables so you can customize it exactly how you like. While you’re at it, make one for yourself, too!
  2. Kitchen Utensils Set: Young adults who love to cook will appreciate a nice set of kitchen utensils. This set has a nice variety and a modern, stylish look they will love.
  3. Good Set of Knives: Get a complete set of knives in a block or a durable and stylish set of chef’s knives. Either choice will last a long time.

Gifts to Keep Adult Children Safe

Car Charger Safety Device and Motion Light
  1. Car Charger Safety Device: Safety doesn’t have to be boring. They will use this car charger daily, but the other features will be there if they ever need them. This device includes a flashlight, seatbelt cutter, window breaker, safety siren and more!
  2. Wireless Motion Light: This light comes with a magnetic base or tripod legs for easy mounting just about anywhere. It is motion sensing, or you can leave it on all the time. Light their way when they return home in the dark and keep them safe.

Gifts to Make Them Feel At Home

Gift ideas including plants, tools, framed picture, writing tablet, air purifier, blankets, throws, and a storage bin
  1. Housewarming Plants: Modern Botanical has unique easy care plants that grown in water and double as wall art. (Click here to get 10% off of your first order!) Succulents are another great choice that are easy to care for.
  2. Home Took Kit: Young adults usually don’t have a lot of tools. Get them a nice starter kit with things like a hammer, screwdrivers with bits, a level, and a drill. They’ll have everything they need from hanging art to assembling furniture.
  3. Framed Family Photo: When I gave a framed family photo to my youngest son to take with him to college, he actually teared up a bit. Your kids may have fought when they were younger, but when they all start moving apart they begin to understand how strong family bonds can be. Get a nice frame or a collage frame and add some favorite family pics. They will love it!
  4. LCD Writing Tablet: I know this looks like a toy for young kids, but these LCD Writing Tablets are great for keeping score on game nights. Our adult children get together for game nights with friends on a regular basis and love using these tablets.
  5. Air Purifier: What better gift than clean air to breathe? This is an especially great gift for allergy sufferers. Get a small compact air purifier that travels well or opt for a larger one for bigger spaces. We’ve used a GermGaurdian Air Purifier in our bedroom for years, and love it. Not only does it have a HEPA filter which keeps our air clean, but it acts as a white noise machine as well.
  6. Cozy Blankets and Throw Pillows: Your adult children may not think to buy pillows and blankets for their sofa, but they will think of you every time they snuggle up for a night of binge watching!
  7. Stocked Medicine Chest: Years ago I purchased 2 plastic storage bins with drawers and used it to organize all of our medicine. A stocked medicine chest makes a great gift for young adults because chances are they won’t think about getting medicine until they need it. No one likes to go out when they’re sick, so stock them up now before they need it.
plastic storage bin with drawers used to store medication

Here’s a picture of my medication storage. I made these years ago without any thought of turning this into a gift idea later. For gift giving, I recommend get matching bins (LOL) and instead of writing on the drawers with a sharpie use a label maker so it will look neat and pretty.

For Their Outdoor Space

Gifts for outdoor spaces including a wireless speaker, grilling fork, and a grill
  1. Wireless Speaker: They love their tunes, so make it easy to take them anywhere. This wireless speaker resembles a tiki torch, you can pair multiple speakers together, and has a flickering light that resembles fire from a titi torch. I want some of these!
  2. Grilling Tools: Get your young adult their own grilling tools. This Flip Fork is a 5-in-1 multi grilling tool that makes a great gift.
  3. Grill: Maybe your adult child doesn’t have a grill yet. We bought our son and daughter-in-law a grill for Christmas last year. In January we visited them and helped assemble it, then my husband gave them a quick lesson while grilling dinner. Now they use it all the time!

Personal Care Gifts for Young Adults

Personal care and safety devices
  1. Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner: This is a must-have gadget for people who wear glasses. It is compact, all natural, and cleans both sides of lenses at the same time. This would be a great stocking stuffer at Christmas time!
  2. Personal Safety Device: This personal safety alarm can be clipped to a purse, backpack, belt loop, or hoodie. Keep it on you at all times to quickly draw attention in an emergency situation. It has a bright strobe light and an ultra-loud siren comparable to a jet engine.

Subscription Gifts for Adult Children

Subscription gifts are truly the gifts that keep on giving. There are many to choose from. Which ones would your adult children love to receive?

  1. Craft Beer Club
  2. Grill Masters Club
  3. Bump Boxes
  4. Dinnerly: Recipes and ingredients delivered for just $4.99 per serving.
  5. HULU or another streaming service
  6. Sam’s Club Membership

The Best Gifts for Adult Children

As your children grow and evolve, so will their preferences and desires. Staying attuned to their interests, passions, and needs is key to selecting gifts that resonate and reflect your ongoing love and care.

I hope that the ideas and tips shared in this post have inspired you and made the process of gift-giving to your adult children a little easier. In the end, it’s all about nurturing those family bonds and creating lasting memories. So, embrace the joy of giving and cherish the moments you share with your loved ones, for those are the gifts that truly last a lifetime.

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