Layered Doormats for Spring

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A How-To-Guide for adding interest, texture and style to your front porch with layered doormats for spring.

Layered Doormats for Spring

The layered doormat look has become quite popular, and I love the welcoming feel it brings to my front porch. If you haven’t tried this yet here are some tips and suggested combinations for selecting your rugs and doormats.

Selecting Your Layered Doormats for Spring

Before you begin shopping you need to know the size of rugs you’ll need. The most common sizes for doormats are 17″ x 30″ or 18″ x 30.” Some do come in larger sizes, so be sure to double-check the size before you buy.

While the top layer (the doormat) comes in pretty standard sizes, there are a few things to consider when choosing the size of your base layer rug.

Single or double doors

If you have double doors you’ll be working with a larger width, so consider this when selecting your base rug.
Do you have sidelights (those tall windows on each side of your door)? If so, you may also need a wider base rug.

space around your door

Another thing to think about is the space on your porch. Is there a wall nearby on one or both sides of your front door? The base rug will need to be centered on your door, so even if there is a wall on only one side you need to know how much space you’re working with before purchasing rugs.

outdoor rugs vs indoor rugs

For porches that are fully covered you may be able to use an indoor rug. If you choose an indoor rug get one that is washable. Even if your porch is mostly protected, this is a high traffic area which will produce a dirty rug over time. If your porch is more exposed, you’ll definitely want to get a more durable rug designed specifically for outdoor use.

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My Favorite Black & White Base Layer Rugs

No matter the season the classic black and white rugs will work. Black and white rugs act as a neutral background making whatever you place on top stand out. Below are some of my picks if you’d like a black and white base layer.

My Favorite Colorful Base Layer Rugs

Spring is definitely the season to experiment with color! Here are some fresh colorful rugs that will provide a gorgeous background for your layered doormats for spring to pop.

My Favorite Spring Welcome Mats

Doormats come in all kinds of themes. There are animal themes, silly sayings, holidays, monogrammed and so much more! I like my front porch to feel welcoming, so my favorites are mats that say “hello,” “hi,” or “welcome.” There are also some pretty spring themed selections below. Look at those blue colors in the truck and bicycle mats! Which ones are your favorites?

Combinations of Layered Doormats for Spring

Now that you’ve chosen a few favorites it’s time for the fun! I’ve created several options below using the rugs and doormats shown above.

Examples with Black & White Base Layer

All layered doormats for spring in this section start with a black and white base layer.

Shop the Look: Black & White Thin Stripe Rug | Black Plaid Rug

Shop the Look: Black & White Boho Rug | Black Stripe Rug

Shop the Look: White & Black Rug | Wide Stripe Rug

Examples with Colorful Base Layers

Here are some sample combinations that start with a more colorful base layer. Don’t these looks scream spring!

Shop the Look: Blue Geometric Rug | Green Plaid Rug

Shop the Look: Navy Plaid Rug | Pink Plaid Rug

Shop the Look: Taupe Geometric Rug | Turquoise Rug

What’s your favorite?

It’s your turn! Have fun picking out your layered doormats for spring, and share a pic on Facebook or Instagram!

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