Layered Doormat Ideas for Fall

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Give your front door a season refresh and welcome guests to your home with one of these layered doormat ideas for fall. 

Layered doormat ideas for fall

Our family rarely enters the house by the front door. We come in through the side door or garage most of the time. It’s easy to forget about checking the appearance of your front porch area.

At minimum I give our front porch a deep clean four times a year, and it’s usually at the change of a season. I move all the furniture onto the lawn, hose it down to get rid of all the dust and pollen, fluff and dust the pillows, sweep and rinse down the floor, then put everything back in place.

I like to update the front door wreath and doormats to create a stylish first impression for our guests. Using two doormats gives me another opportunity to bring in a pop of color or a bold stripe to draw attention to the front door. You can mix and match rugs from different seasons, too. Check out these Layered Doormats for Spring and you’ll see I’ve used some of the same mats in these layered doormat ideas for fall. 

Choosing a Base Layer Rug

Here are some things to consider when selecting your base layer rug:

  • Do you need an outdoor rug, or is your front door protected from weather enough that you could use an indoor rug?
  • Is your front door a single or double door? You can use a wider rug for double doors.
  • How much space is there around your front door? If there is a wall close to your door, consider this when measuring for the size rug you’ll need.

My Favorite Base Layer Rugs for Fall

Classic black and white rugs with bold prints and natural fiber rugs like jute and seagrass are my favorite choices to use for the base layer. You can reuse these season to season, and they mix and match well with so many styles.

My Favorite Fall Welcome Mats

The top rug is where you get to add a seasonal touch. Since we’ve kept the base layer neutral, you can pair almost anything with it to create a cozy fall feel. Here are some of my favorites.

Layered Doormat Ideas for Fall
Layered doormat ideas for Fall
Layered Doormat Ideas for Fall

Layered Doormat Ideas for Fall

Now for the fun part…putting it all together! Here are a few combinations to help you visualize and decide the look you’d like for your front porch.

Examples with Black and White Geometric Base Rug

Here are some combinations with a black and white geometric base layer rug.

Geometric black and white base layer rug with fall doormats on top

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Examples with a Natural Fiber Base Rug

These sample combinations are on a natural fiber base rug. If you choose this base layer I recommend selecting a top mat with more color. Here are some samples.

Natural fiber base rug with fall top mats

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Examples with a Skinny Striped Base Rug

Here’s another version of a black and white base rug.

skinny striped rug base with fall doormats

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Examples with a Varying Stripes Base Rug

This base rug has a different striped pattern but still works great for fall!

striped base rug with fall doormats

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Examples with a Vertical Black and White Striped Base Rug

Last but not least, this black and white vertical striped base rug is the one I use most often. Everything seems to go well with this one.

vertical stripe base rug with fall doormats

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Which combination do you love the most?

It’s your turn! Now that you have tons of layered doormat ideas, have fun picking out your favorite fall combination. I’d love to see what yours look like on your front porch. Share a pic on Facebook or Instagram!

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