Fall Printables with Bible Verse

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fall printables with bible verses

As the temperatures begin to fall and the days grow shorter we realize autumn is nearing. If you’re thinking of updating some seasonal decor around your home to reflect the new season, I’ve got just the thing!

I currently have a lot of light turquoise or robin’s egg blue in my home decor. Luckily, these shades of blue combine nicely with the yellows, golds, and oranges of the fall season. I also love to display Bible verses, so I combined these ideas and came up with five beautiful Fall Printables with Bible Verses.

fall printable Welcome

My gift to you is the Welcome print. It features a Bible verse from Romans 15:7.
The downloadable print is size 8×10 and suitable for framing.

accept one another

just as Christ
accepted you in order
to bring praise to God
Romans 15:7″

Download this Welcome Fall Bible Verse printable HERE.

You can find all the other Fall Printables with Bible Verses HERE in my store.
Each one is available in both PDF and JPG formats.
After purchasing, you’ll be able to (almost immediately) download the prints as both a JPG and a PDF file. The file can be developed as a photo at your local photo lab (JPG) or printed at a professional print shop (PDF) on card stock.
Of course, you can also print it right at home on your printer.

Welcome Fall!

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Gorgeous fall printables in blue (hard to find!) with Bible verses, too!

I also have Christmas prints available in blues!

See my FREE Christmas prints HERE!

Merry Christmas

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Displaying Bible verses around my home is part of the normal decor.
It’s a beautiful and simple way to surround your family with God’s word.

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