Best Gifts for Car Lovers

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Are you shopping for someone who loves cars or spends a lot of time in them? Here’s a list of the best gifts for car lovers.

Best Gifts for Car Lovers

This year I found myself shopping for car gadgets more than usual. My husband manages a large territory and travels almost every week by car. Our son, Carson, just started working as a Private Investigator and spends most of his work hours in his car. Our youngest son, Cavin, is in school training to become a racecar mechanic. So, they all can use neat car things! I thought I would share some of my finds with you just in case you have a traveler or car guru in your life. 


Best Gifts for Car Lovers

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Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Every car needs one of these. Most of the time you can find a gas station with an air pump, but the gauge is usually missing or broken. Keep this handy in the glove compartment.

Document Organizer

No more fumbling through the glove compartment trying to find your insurance card or registration. Keep everything organized and easy to find. It comes in lots of colors, too! You can also print out my Car Accident Checklist to include in the organizer.

Phone Holder

This is the best phone holder I’ve ever used! It hangs from the rearview mirror keeping my phone in easy view and reach. You can also position the phone vertically or horizontally. And since there’s no sticky suction cup it’s easy to move from car to car if needed.

Car Cleaner

Use this spray on any surface in your car including leather, vinyl, plastic, carpet, cloth, glass, and wood! This item works great and has over 30,000 reviews on Amazon!

Air Freshener

Who doesn’t love a clean smelling car? These would make a great gift for just about anyone.

Dusting Brush

This dusting brush works great for those hard to reach spots like air vents or to quickly dust off a screen. It’s small enough to easily keep in the car, too.

Sun Shade

Protect your car interior from the damaging UV sun rays with these sun shades. They are available in different sizes and colors.

Seat Hooks

This is probably the most useful gadget in my car. I use these all the time to hang my purse, shopping bags, and takeout food. My husband also has a set in his car. They are so useful!

Car Vacuum

This powerful mini vacuum makes keeping your car clean a breeze. It has a long cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter inside your car so you can clean your car anywhere. It comes with a filter and several attachments especially designed to get into all those hard-to-reach places. There is also a cordless version.

Charger Adapter

Can you ever have too many USB ports in your car? This especially comes in handy when you are traveling with passengers. Just about any portable device can plug into a USB.

Windshield Cleaning Kit

If you have short arms like me, you need this! This tool provides the extra reach and perfect angle to easily clean any windshield. It comes with extra microfiber covers and a tiny spray bottle.

Cleaning Gel

Get the gunk out of every nook and cranny in your car with these cleaning gels. They work great and are fun to use in your car and on so many other things also!

Sunglasses Holder

Keep your sunglasses protected and in easy reach. This sunglasses holder easily attaches to your car’s visor.

Waterproof Trash Can

This waterproof trash can has an adjustable strap and can be hung several places in your car. It has a lid to keep trash contained and out of sight. It could also be used as a storage container for kids toys and comes in 2 sizes.

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