Affordable Storage Solutions for Bathroom


Use these affordable storage solutions for your bathroom to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

With our kids getting older and some of them moving out, we’ve been reimagining our upstairs rooms. Our daughter decided she would like to move to a larger bedroom (a perk of being the last kid at home), which also meant she would be changing bathrooms.

Two of her brothers had previously shared that bathroom. They each had plenty of counter space and drawers to hold their daily necessities, but girls have more bathroom stuff. We just do! So, to get everything organized and make the space her own, I went on the hunt for some affordable storage solutions for bathroom items. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to integrate design into your organization project. My daughter’s bedroom is decorated in gray with some black accents, so we decided to carry that same color scheme into her bathroom. Most of the items listed below are available in other colors as well. If you see something that will work for your space but want a different color, click on it and you’ll find other color options.  

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Affordable Storage Solutions for Bathroom

When I say affordable, I mean it! Most items on the list below are under $20. When you’re redoing an entire space you’ll likely need multiple storage items. Remember, you don’t have to do all of this at once. If you’re on a tight budget get the storage items you need the most first and add more as you can. Even a few of these items can make a big difference!

nothing over $25!!!

Affordable Storage Solutions for Bathroom

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Slide Out Cabinet Organizer

The uses for these slide out drawers are almost endless. Now you can store tons of things in the cabinet under the sink and find things easily. No more losing things in the back! Use these to store lotions, creams, hand soap, hair products, nail polish, and much more.

Wall Mounted Hooks

Teens don’t fold towels, and with these hooks that’s OK! Easily hang towels so they can fully dry before the next use.

Suction Cup Hooks

A great solution for glass shower doors, these hooks easily attach to any smooth surface. No tools required. Hang towels, pajamas, or a robe within easy reach.

2 Pack of Lazy Susans

Here’s another great storage solution for under the sink. Simply spin around to see items in the back. I like that this one has tall sides to keep things from falling over and it’s clear so I can see what’s in there.

Toothbrush Holder

This will hold toothbrushes, hair brushes, toothpaste, combs, and more. The divider piece is removable (but I love it!), and the bottom removes for easy cleaning.

Over Cabinet Door Organizer

Store hair dryers, flat irons, and all kinds of hair tools within easy reach and out of sight. Put a power strip in the cabinet to plug everything in so the cords stay out of the way.

Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Get your makeup done quicker every morning with this handy acrylic organizer. There are different sizes of openings to keep all your makeup neat and within easy reach.

Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizer

Easily change from one brush to another with this organizer made especially for makeup brushes. It would also work great on a desk for organizing writing utensils.

Tank Topper Decorative Box

Don’t forget about the space on top of your toilet. This is a great place to store extra rolls of toilet paper or feminine hygiene products.

2 Pack Wire Baskets

Not only are these great for organizing your linen closet, but they are also nice enough for display. Use these wire baskets to store extra toilet paper rolls or set out towels for guests. These would also work great for kitchen organization!

Over the Door Towel Rack

No tools are required to install this multi-use towel rack. Simply hang it over your door, and you have instant storage options. You can adjust the width by sliding it outward. There are also 2 hooks at the bottom. This would also make a great drying rack for your laundry room.

Set of 3 Floating Shelves

I love the combination of wood and metal design of these floating shelves. It not only looks great, but the metal bar keeps things from falling off of the shelves if they are accidentally bumped. One of the shelves also has a bar to hang towels or wash cloths. Think of this as open shelving to replace a medicine cabinet in your bathroom.

Corner Shower Shelf

If you use several products in the shower, these shelves will keep everything in sight and easy reach. The wire design allows water to drain off and dry between uses. Simple mounting adhesive is included.

Toilet Paper Holder

One of the keys to organizing a small space is to use vertical storage. Tuck this vertical toilet paper holder in the corner behind the toilet for extra storage right where you need it.

3 Drawer Vanity Organizer

What do you do with all those tiny makeup products? These drawers can contain them and still give you easy access. I also love the sleek black design.

No products found.

Rotating Makeup Organizer

Create a custom fit for your lotions, creams, hair products, and more with the adjustable shelves on this rotating organizer. Use it on a countertop, vanity, or under a cabinet.

2 Tier Counter Organizer

Not enough counter space? Here’s another example of using vertical space. This 2 tier counter organizer will double your surface area for all those things you need to keep out and make them look nice.

Shower Head Caddy

If you only have a few items to keep in the shower, this shower head caddy will keep you organized. There are 2 baskets plus 2 hooks at the bottom.

Adhesive Bathroom Shower Shelves

Customize your in-shower storage with this 3 pack of bathroom shower shelves. These are also a great option to mount near a sink or use in a guest bathroom.

Plunger and Toilet Brush Set

Every bathroom needs these 2 items, but they don’t have to be an eyesore! Check out this sleek set with a base that covers the messy parts. What a great idea!

Lazy Susan

Here’s another option for a Lazy Susan that comes in black, which matches our color scheme. I love how easy it is to see and access everything. I’m using these all around our house now. I even have one in our refrigerator.

Free Standing Corner Shelves

For the smallest vanity areas in existence, these shelves are your answer! They easily fit in a corner and are stackable. Look how many things fit on these tiny shelves!

Bamboo Tray

Anytime you have several items on a counter it looks messy. A simple way to tidy up your look is to use trays. When items are arranged on a tray, they eye sees it as one unit. Keeping items on a tray also makes it easier to move them when you need to wipe down the countertop

Add Some Personality

Now that your bathroom is all organized and neat, it’s time to add some personal touches. Many of the storage pieces listed above can help get you off to a great start. Now bring in pops of color with your towels, hang some pictures or artwork, and choose a nice bath mat. Another way to bring some life into your bathroom is with plants. Here are a few small fake plants that I’ve used in our home.

With these affordable storage solutions for bathroom organization, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big difference. This is a room you use every single day. It’s definitely worth the time and money to improve your daily life. Go for it!

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