Easy Storage Tips for Kitchen


Use these easy storage tips for kitchen to get control of your clutter and be able find the things you need quickly.

Easy Storage Tips for Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest room in our home. With so many people coming and going, it can get messy fast. These easy storage tips for kitchen will help you make sure there is a place for everything and everything stays in its place. 

The organizational products listed below are actual storage items I use in our home. Our kitchen gets very heavy use. We cook family meals at home 4 nights a week, and we have raised 5 kids. These products have helped my kitchen stay organized for meal planning, packing school lunches, cooking dinner, and even hungry teenagers pillaging the pantry.

Easy Storage Tips for Kitchen

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Over Cabinet Basket

These over the cabinet baskets create storage and keep things up front and easy to find. They are a great place to store mulit-purpose cleaners, sponges, dish towels, sink stoppers, and more. They simply hang over the cabinet door with no drilling or installation required! I also use these in my bathroom.

Gallon Glass Jars

When you need to keep something out on the counter you want it to be contained and look nice. The wide opening on these jars makes it easy to reach in and grab anything you store inside. There are so many uses for these jars such as snacks for the kids, dishwasher tabs, dog treats, dry goods in the pantry, packets of sweeteners, K-cups, pretty much anything! And they look nice!

Herb Keeper

Keep your herbs fresh longer and take up less space in the refrigerator. Plus you’ll save money by actually using your herbs instead of forgetting they are buried in a drawer and only finding them when they need to be tossed out. Great for cilantro, green onions, rosemary, basil, and more!

Sliced Cheese Container

Once you open the package of sliced cheese, they slide all over the place. Corral them in this adorable cow container! It’s handy to carry out to the grill for adding cheese to burgers or making sandwiches. It will also bring a smile to your face every time you grab the cheese. 🙂

Cord Organizers for Appliances

A friend told me about these, and I absolutely love them! Stick these cord wrappers on small appliances such as a crock pot, coffee maker, toaster, instant pot, mixer, food processor, blender, or anything else you can think of. They work great when storing appliances you don’t use or to take up the slack on appliances that are out on the counter all the time.

Water Bottle Organizer

Are your cabinets taken over by water bottles? This water bottle organizer is stackable making it easy to fit any space. You’ll be able to store more bottles using all the vertical space in your cabinets and be able to easily find your favorite water bottles.

Drawer Organizers

This large set of plastic drawer organizers will help your get that junk drawer under control. There will be a space for all the small things you need to keep on hand such as batteries, super glue, measuring spoons, pens, vitamins, medication, and more. Use them in the office and bathroom as well.

Refrigerator Bins

You will waste less food when you can see what’s in the fridge. These clear bins keep food contained and easy to pull out when needed. I use these in my refrigerator and also my pantry.

Pantry Storage Bins

If you have kids, you need these! Keeping the snacks in easy sight and reach will keep the panty orderly even after a teenager goes through it. Larger bins are great for storing things like ramen, crackers, cookies, and more.

Food Storage (for cookies)

Never eat a stale cookie again! Oreo cookies are a favorite snack item in our house. Over and over our teenagers would get to the cookies before my husband and fail to seal them properly. He would complain that the cookies were never fresh when he wanted some. This container solved our problem! A package of Oreo cookies fits perfectly in this container and keeps them fresh. My husband loves this container!

Coffee Mug Stand

Free up some space in your cabinets and keep your favorite mugs in easy reach. This stand holds up to 15 mugs! Or place a small bowl in the top section to hold coffee pods.

Mug Rack

If you don’t need access to 15 coffee mugs, here’s a smaller version that takes up less counter space. I use this one when I set up our Hot Chocolate Bar in the winter.

Oxo Good Grips Containers

These are my favorite canisters of all time! And this set has the sizes I use most often. They open and close easily, they are clear so you can see what’s in them, they stack nicely, and they keep food fresh. I’ve had some of my Oxo containers for over 8 years, and they are still going strong.

Multipurpose Clips

The most obvious use for clips is keeping bags closed. However, they are also great for organizing your pantry. Clip opened bags of chips and snacks on shelves in your pantry so they don’t get buried and crushed.

Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Yes, this is a kitchen organizer! Hang a shoe organizer over the door of your pantry and easily store all kinds of small snacks and food items. Be sure to get one with clear or mesh pockets so you can see what’s inside. It’s also a great way to organize snacks for kids or keep lunch box items within easy reach.

Under Cabinet Wine Glass Holder

Use that vertical space under your cabinets to store wine glasses. They will be easy to access and ready when you need them!

Cabinet Shelf Organizer

Make full use of your cabinet space with these wire racks. Now you can stack 2 tiers of plates, cups, bowls, and serving pieces. It’s like having twice the storage space!

Expandable Spice Rack

We cook a lot and use a lot of spices. Before we got this deluxe spice rack we would accidentally purchase spices we already had because we couldn’t find them. Now we can easily see all the spices plus there is space in the center of the cabinet as well.

Tiered Can Organizer

With this 3-tiered can organizer it’s easy to keep your pantry stocked with canned goods. This organizer uses the vertical space without the risk of knocking over a tower of cans.

K-cup Storage Drawer

Keep your favorite coffee pods at your fingertips but out of sight. Not only will this storage drawer hold up to 36 coffee pods, but you can also put your Keruig Coffee Maker on top of it freeing up even more counter space.

Which items are your favorites?

I hope these easy storage tips for kitchen were helpful. Which items do you want to try?

I’d love to hear about some of the storage items you use in your kitchen to keep it organized. Leave a comment below to share your kitchen organization ideas!

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Easy Storage Tips for Kitchen

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