Useful Gift Ideas for the Traveler


If you have someone on your gift list who loves adventure, check out these 17 useful gift ideas for the traveler.


Gift Ideas for the Traveler

One of the best ways to select a gift for someone is focusing on a hobby or something they enjoy. If you know someone who loves adventure, this list of Gift Ideas for the Traveler will offer some great options!

These travel products were not randomly chosen. Every product on this list is owned and used by someone in our family. My husband travels weekly for work and stays in hotels about 3 nights a week. Our adult kids love to go on weekend trips with friends. And earlier this year we took our first trip to Hawaii. So here are our family’s picks for 17 Useful Gift Ideas for the Traveler. 

Gadget Gift Ideas for the Traveler

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Charging Power Bank

I used one of these on our 9 hour flight to Hawaii. It fully charged my iPad and iPhone and didn’t even use half of the power. It’s one of the best power banks I’ve ever used.

Waterproof Camera/Recorder

This camera turned out to be a great bargain! We used it to record our Shark Encounter in rough, cold waters as well as still pictures. The quality of the video and pictures was impressive!

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Compact Charging Station

Charge your phone, watch, and AirPods all at once with this very compact, foldable charging station.

Car Power Inverter

This is a must-have for people who spend a lot of time in the car. What I love about this one is that it has both AC outlets and USB ports.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are the perfect headphones for plane travel. They fold flat, come with a storage case, and they also have a headphone jack. My husband uses these on trips and around the house while cutting the grass. He loves them!

Rechargeable Makeup Mirror

I need a magnified mirror with good light to apply my makeup. This one held a charge great and the cover doubles as a stand. It also comes with a small 10X magnification mirror.

Compact Air Purifier

For allergy sufferers, this is a lifesaver for hotel stays. My husband travels with this compact air purifier. It not only filters the air but also serves as white noise to help him sleep better on the road.

Storage Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Travel Makeup Case

I needed a secure case to protect my makeup on our trip to Hawaii. There would be flight changes, and I knew our luggage would get thrown around. The dividers in this case are removable and can be customized to fit your cosmetics perfectly. There are also slots for brushes and additional pockets on the lid. It kept everything secure and protected!

Travel Jewelry Organizer

If you need multiple jewelry options for a trip, this organizer will keep your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces save and tangle-free. It’s a great compact size, too.

Canvas Laptop Tote

Multiple pockets are a must to stay organized while traveling. I was able to fit so much into this tote including a laptop, iPad, phone, AirPods, charge cords, books, notepads, pens, wallet, and an airplane pillow.

Toiletry Bag

Here’s another travel case with a place for everything. It will keep your brushes, razor, shaver, clippers, and more safe, secure, and organized. It’s also water resistant and looks way more expensive than it costs.

Leather Messenger Bag

My husband loves this bag and people are always asking him about it. This stylish messenger bag holds a lot while keeping you organized. It also has a trolley strap to fit over your suitcase handle for easy airport maneuvering.

Comfort Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Lens Cleaning Wipes

We keep a box of these on hand at home, but they are also great for travel. We use them for glasses, phones, computer screens, cameras, and sunglasses. They are so handy to throw in your bag and take anywhere.

Neck Pillow

If you need to sleep on a flight or in the car, you need a neck pillow. This one has multiple position options and folds compactly into a carry case.


Look good and feel great in these buttery soft leggings with light compression. They are perfect for traveling, working out, and every day wear. They also come in lots of colors.

Light Travel Shawl

By car or plane, I love to have some kind of jacket or blanket for traveling. This shawl is the best of both. You can wrap it around you like a jacket or fold it up to use as a pillow. There are no buttons or zippers, just cozy softness!

Need more gift ideas?

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