Thoughtful Gifts for Your Mom That She Really Wants

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This list makes it easier to pick out gifts for your Mom that she really wants. Great gift ideas for Mother's Day, Mom's birthday or Christmas gifts for Mom!

A few times a year on Mother’s Day, Mom’s Birthday, and Christmas we get the opportunity to show our love and appreciation for Mom in the form of a gift. With a special token, we attempt to give back a little to the person who gives us so much. But picking out that gift can be difficult. This year pick out some gifts for your Mom that she really wants.

Why is it so difficult to choose a gift for Mom? Perhaps it’s because she’s always giving of her time and talents to the ones she loves. Maybe she is so busy taking care of everyone else that she doesn’t have much time for herself or hobbies of her own. When she has extra money, she picks up a little something extra for her kids instead of splurging on herself. Making others happy is what makes her happy.

If you could use some help picking out gifts for your mom that she really wants, check out the list below. These gift suggestions focus on giving a little of the care, time, and service back to Mom that she constantly gives to others.

Gifts for Your Mom That She Really Wants

gifts for mom

Spa Day

You can spend a little or a lot to treat Mom to some pampering. Ask siblings or Dad to chip in for a day at the spa. If an entire spa day is out of your budget, consider paying for one or two services like a massage or mani/pedi. How about a set of spa products like bath salts or lotions? Then give her some uninterrupted time to enjoy them.

A Day Off

Sometimes what Moms need most is a whole day off. Offer to take over her To Do List for the day so she can play hooky from life and do whatever she wants. Be prepared for resistance on this one, but show her you can handle the laundry, shopping, and errands and insist that she takes the entire day off.

A Phone Call

If you don’t live close to your Mom or see her often, give her a call. You may text her all the time or exchange messages via social media, it’s not the same as a conversation. If it’s been a while since you’ve dialed her number, pick up the phone and talk to her. She loves the sound of your voice!

wine and coffee

Wine or Coffee

Indulge Mom in one of her favorite beverages. Get her a bottle of her favorite wine. If she’s a coffee drinker, get her a gourmet blend. Accessories to go along with her favorite beverages make great gifts, too. How about a decorative wine bottle stopper, a set of wine glasses, or a pretty travel mug?

Date Night

Send Mom out for a special date with Dad. Get her a gift card to a restaurant and purchase movie tickets. Check to see if there is a concert coming to town that she might enjoy. Set up an entire evening she will look forward to. Get Dad involved in planning this, too!

silver necklace and earrings


You can’t go wrong with jewelry, but don’t get overly focused on “Mom jewelry.” It’s ok to give Mom a piece of jewelry that doesn’t have birthstones of each child or their initials carved into it. How about a necklace and earring set, classic silver hoop earrings, or a cross pendant on a chain? She loves you, but all of her jewelry doesn’t have to be a billboard advertising her kids or grandchildren.

Someone Else to Cook

Give Mom the night off. Tell her you’ll take care of dinner one night. Do all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning up afterwards. Make it a surprise and tell her she isn’t even allowed in the kitchen at all. Not into cooking? No problem! Pick something up. Pretty much every restaurant offers orders to go.

vacuuming the carpet


The only thing better than a clean home is one you didn’t have to clean yourself. Hire a housekeeper to clean the entire house top to bottom in one day. If that’s too much for your budget, clean the house yourself. Clean the sinks, toilets, mop the floors, put away the laundry, dust the blinds, make up the beds. She will definitely notice!

Weekend Away

This list makes it easier to pick out gifts for your Mom that she really wants. Great gift ideas for Mother's Day, Mom's birthday or Christmas gifts for Mom!

She may not plan a trip for herself, so plan one for her! Does your Mom like the beach or the mountains? What kinds of places does she like to go to on vacation? Is there an old friend she hasn’t seen in years that lives far away? Buy her a plane ticket or book her a hotel, and send her on a weekend adventure.

New Clothes

How do you give the gift of clothes when you don’t know the size or style Mom likes? Give her a gift card to her favorite store. Stitch Fix is another option. Take the guessing out of gifting clothing with a Stitch Fix gift card. Let a personal stylist select items to fit Mom’s tastes and wardrobe needs. They offer 3 Easy Ways To Gift: Print-At-Home, Email or Mail.

Write Her A Letter or Make a Card

Moms appreciate gifts from the heart. Take the time to make her a special card. If you’re not the crafty type, simply write her a letter. Mention specific things she does for you and tell her you are thankful for her. She is sure to keep it for years and read it again and again.

This list makes it easier to pick out gifts for your Mom that she really wants. Great gift ideas for Mother's Day, Mom's birthday or Christmas gifts for Mom!

Something Besides Flowers

Special delivery gifts are great, but flowers are overdone and quickly wither away. Consider chocolate covered strawberries or an edible arrangement instead. You get the same surprise impact of a special delivery with a little unexpected twist.

Gift Card

Even if Mom seems to do a lot of shopping, she may not be buying much for herself. Send Mom shopping for something she really wants. If she likes decorating, get her a gift card to a store like Kirkland’s or Bed, Bath and Beyond. If she likes crafts, get her a gift card to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. If you don’t know what she likes, a gift card to stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Target would be good choices.

cleaning the dash of a car

A Clean Car

Even if Mom keeps a pretty clean car, with a little elbow grease you can take that clean to the next level. Hand wash, dry and wax her car. Clean the windows inside and out. Don’t forget the mirrors! Shine the wheels, dust and polish the interior, and vacuum. You could even add a new air freshener. Your Mom deserves to ride around in style!

Completed Honey Do List

Are there projects around the house Mom can’t do alone? Does she ever say things like, “I wish someone would clean out the gutters.” or “The driveway needs to be pressure washed.” She may not come out and say, “Clean this” or “fix that,” but if you listen closely enough I bet you’ll discover some things around the house she could use some help with.

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This list makes it easier to pick out gifts for your Mom that she really wants. Great gift ideas for Mother's Day, Mom's birthday or Christmas gifts for Mom!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love this post!

    These are gifts many moms would for sure LOVE to get but would never ask for! I loooooove the combination of ideas here from things to buy to things to DO! These are tips that a child who has money or not could gift to their mom whether it be with money spent or time spent in service or connection.

    Seriously, thank you for this post! I think kids of any age should read this; this is super helpful. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Bonnie!
      I wrote this one year just before Mother’s Day. My kids needed help thinking of something to get me, so I came up with a list for them. I decided to expand on it and this article was the result. I hope some Moms out there get some of these things gifted to them, including you!

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