15 Date Night Ideas Under $20


Great, inexpensive date night ideas under $20.

Do you feel in need of a little one-on-one time, but don’t have the budget for dinner and a movie? Who can with $50 for dinner and $10 each for movie tickets?! Not to mention a babysitter! Never fear! Here are a few date night ideas under budget that will allow you to still have fun without breaking the bank!

15 Date Night Ideas Under $20

1 – Go Out for Coffee or Dessert – You don’t have to spend big money on a full meal to spend time together. A quiet conversation over coffee or dessert is sometimes all you need. A sit-down restaurant or even a fast food restaurant can be a great dessert and/or coffee destination.
ice cream

2 – Open Your Own Ice Cream Bar – Go to the store together and pick out two quarts of ice cream in your favorite flavors. Pick up different toppings, too – nuts, sprinkles, syrup – go a little crazy! Don’t forget the whipped cream! Then come back home and set up the toppings like an ice cream bar in pretty little bowls. Dish up big bowls of ice cream, add your toppings and dig in.

3 – Rent a Movie – There are so many convenient options for renting movies: Redbox, Amazon, Pure Flix, Hulu, Netflix and more. Some are even free. All you have to do is get the kids to bed a little early and pop your own popcorn.
Couple playing at videogames

4 – Challenge Each Other to a Video Game Tournament – Have an XBox, Playstation or Wii? Create a challenge tournament for virtual baseball or bowling (or any other game you enjoy). You can even bet on the outcomes of the games – the loser has to cook dinner or help with a chore for the week! Make it a fun, friendly wager!

5 – Miniature Golf – Most mini golf courses have pricing where two can play for between $15-20. Decide if you are cheering each other on or if there will be a payoff based on the outcome of the game. Make sure and take plenty of pictures – you’ll want reminders of the fun! Pose with all of the cute scenes on each hole of the course.
young couple hiking in autumn mountain6 – Take a Hike – If you enjoy being out in nature, the only things you need for this date are sturdy hiking boots, snacks, water and a destination! Look for a local trail or park that might have free or low-cost admission. Pack a backpack with snacks and water and take a walk. Appreciate the natural surroundings, walk and talk! This date is a perfect combination of bonding time and exercise! A camera would be great to have here too, especially if you love to take pictures!

7 – Enjoy a Free Local Concert – Check your local newspaper for bands or concerts that are putting on free shows. For outdoor concerts, you can usually pack a picnic. For concerts that may take place in bar venues, order a couple of drinks and split an appetizer or sandwich. Just go with the music, enjoy yourself, dance and sing along!

8 – Volunteer – This date allows you to spend time together while helping others. There are so many opportunities to volunteer. Explore and find something that interests both of you. The experience helps you work together toward a common goal while also reminding you to be grateful.

9 – Attend a Lecture, Performance or Concert on the Cheap – If you live near a college or university, check out the local newspaper or school website to find out about free or low-cost events that may be occurring on campus. College students don’t have a ton of money for entertainment, so many of these events are underwritten by the college, making admission prices typically pretty low. Plus you might learn something in the process!

10 – Host a Potluck Game Night – For a date night full of laughs, invite 2-4 other couples over for a game night. Ask each couple to bring a dish to share. You’ll have an awesome dinner and entertainment for very little out of pocket expense. {This is one of our favorite date nights!}
marshmallow on a stick being roasted over a camping fire

11 – Backyard Dinner and Smore’s – Enjoy an evening under the stars complete with your own private campfire right in your backyard. If you don’t have a firepit, no problem – just use your grill. Don’t have a grill? You can purchase a disposable grill for the evening for under $15. Roast up some hot dogs and s’mores for a memorable evening.

12 – Go Thrift Store or Flea Market Shopping – This is less about the “shopping” and more about “treasure hunting.” We have discovered some pretty amazing pieces just wandering around flea markets. You’re sure to find some things that give you a chuckle along the way as well.

13 – Go To a High School Play or Athletic Event – Think you can’t afford to go to a play? Check out local high schools to see if they have a Thespian Club. You will be amazed by the talented performers at the high school level. We’ve attended several high school plays over the years and enjoyed every one of them. If a play is not your thing, high schools also have sporting events going on year round. It’s always fun to route on the home team. Tickets are usually under $10, too.

14 – Road Trip – Pack some snacks and head out for a drive. Pick a scenic route out into the country. Choose a state park or lake for a picnic lunch destination or just keep driving. Turn your phones off, play some of your favorite music and enjoy some uninterrupted conversation.

15 – Memory Lane – Have an in-house date by getting out the photo albums and home movies. Look through your wedding photos and reminisce. Watch video of vacations, birthdays or special times you’ve had together.

Commit to dating regularly. No matter what your financial circumstances may be, you should never let the lack of money keep you from dating your spouse. Time together is essential. Put date nights on the calendar and vow to never let a month go by without a special date together.

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Great, inexpensive date night ideas under $20.


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