Free Printable Bible Verse – Mightier Than The Waves of the Sea

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Here's a printable suitable for framing featuring Psalms 93:4. Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you.

I recently studied Beth Moore’s Children of the Day with a wonderful group of ladies at my church. Sometimes when I’m studying my Bible and really listening to God, He speaks something special directly to my heart. That’s exactly what happened leading up to the creation of this print.

At the end of one of the daily assignments I found myself pondering God’s love. I spent some time looking up verses about God’s love. Then one thing lead to another, and I started looking up verses about the characteristics of God. Many, many verses later here are the some of the truths God had spoken to my heart.

God’s love for us is incomprehensible.
There is nothing you can do to make God stop loving you.
There is also nothing you can do to make Him love you more.
God’s love is perfect love.

Here is one of the verses that really stuck out to me.

Mightier than the thunders of many waters,
    mightier than the waves of the sea,
    the Lord on high is mighty!  ~Psalms 93:4

Everything about God is mighty!

Of course, this led me to look up the definition of “mighty.” Here it is as defined by

“having, characterized by, or showing superior power or strength”

That’s how He loves us. With superior power and strength.
Do you hear that?

There some days I could use a reminder of His love. How about you?
Here is a printable I created to display in my home as a reminder. I would love to share it with you. Every time I read it I am reminded of His incomprehensible love for me.

Mightier Than the Waves of the Sea

Here's a printable suitable for framing featuring Psalms 93:4. Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you.

Download the free printable verse in the format you prefer:

Download the 8×10 borderless version HERE.
Download the 8×10 with a white border HERE. 

I love this verse and the colors in this print so much that I had it made into a 16×20 canvas to display in our home. If you would like a high resolution image of this Mightier than the Waves image to order your own canvas print, you can find it HERE in my Finding Time To Fly Shop.

My hope is that all who enter my home will know His love, too.

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Love the colors in this print of one of my favorite verses, Psalm 93:4. Mightier than the waves of the sea is his love for you.

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