How To Create a Fall Interior Design Style

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Create your own fall interior design style using this comprehensive list of ideas.

No matter the season your home should always reflect your personal style. No one is in your home as much as you, so all the more reason you should be surrounded by things you find beautiful! It can be boring using the same decor every season, which is why I change mine every year. Now, I can’t afford to go out and purchase all new decor items every year, and I bet you can’t either. However, I can mix up what I have and get a few new things each year to make my decor feel new.

I am a list maker! Over the years I’ve taken pictures and written down a comprehensive list of decor ideas I can reference. I have a list for every season, and I consult them often for new inspiration. I encourage you to read through the lists below and discover some new things or items you may already have that will help you create your own fall interior design style.

How To Create Your Personal Fall Interior Design Style

As you read through the lists below think about these questions:

  • What decor items listed below do I already own?
  • What 2 or 3 main colors will I use for my color scheme?
  • Only choose 1-2 items from each section.
  • How can I repeat colors or elements in my room?

Color Combinations

I start each design plan by picking my color palette. The stand-out color for fall is undoubtedly orange. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors! You don’t have to change the entire color scheme of your home to create a cozy fall interior. And remember, a little orange goes a long way. Just a pop here and there will have your decor screaming (or whispering) fall in no time.


Organic Elements

Where To Use Pumpkins

Small Pumpkins

  • Place settings as name tags
  • Place settings sit on top of plates
  • On candlesticks or candle holders
  • In dough bowl

Large Pumpkins

  • Centerpiece
  • Vessel for a floral arrangement
  • Topped with succulents

Centerpiece Ideas

  • Dough bowl
  • Pumpkins
  • Candlesticks
  • Burlap runner
  • Wood box
  • Wood slices
  • Large crock with flowers
  • Terra cotta pots
  • Glass cylinders
  • Cake plates

Fall Flowers


I hope these lists have inspired you to create your own fall design style! I’d love to see what you create!

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