Ultimate Checklist Before Guests Arrive

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What a complete checklist for preparing for company! Saving this for future use. Ultimate Checklist Before Guests Arrive.

When guests come to our home I want them to feel like we could not wait for their arrival. I want them to know we were expecting them and enjoyed preparing for their visit. I want them to feel comfortable and welcomed.

Maybe guests will be arriving at your home soon, and you want everything to be perfect, too. But just when you think everything is ready, you think of something else to do. Don’t worry! I’ve created an Ultimate Checklist Before Guests Arrive so you can relax and enjoy your company. There’s even a printable checklist for you.


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Ultimate Checklist Before Guests Arrive

Clean and Declutter

Begin cleaning and decluttering spaces guests will use a couple of weeks before they arrive. Think about where your guests will sleep and what bathroom they will be using. Wash linens, dust blinds, fluff pillows, vacuum, and tidy side tables. Get the deep cleaning done early so you’ll only need to freshen the space a few days before they arrive.

The Guest Bedroom

Clean sheets – If your guest room hasn’t been used in a while, be sure to freshen up the sheets. Everyone sleeps better in fresh sheets!

Extra blankets & pillows – If that extra pillow is in your closet because you needed a new one, it won’t be comfortable for your guests either. There are inexpensive, fluffy pillows available in stores like Target, Walmart, and TJ Maxx. You don’t have to spend a lot to offer your guests a comfy pillow.


Wi-fi password – Just in case they didn’t get the wi-fi password before bedtime, make sure it’s in the guest room. Write it on a notepad, place a tented card on the side table, or print and frame it for a more formal presentation.

The Welcome Wi-fi Password Printable pictured above is available
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gold-green, purple, gray, green, white, and blue. 

Bedside table – This is the most important part of the room and has its own checklist. If you don’t have a bedside table, consider adding a small shelf on each side of the bed. Don’t over clutter the side tables, but do include these important things:

  • lighting that can be turned off while in bed – just in case your guests want to read in bed
  • tray or small dish – for holding jewelry, watches, change, or wallets
  • clock – something that can be seen in the dark and has an alarm
  • accessible outlet for charging electronic devices – if the closest outlet is blocked by furniture, plug in an extension cord for your guests
  • tissues – handy for any guest

Fan – If there is no ceiling fan, be sure to place a small fan in the room. If the room does have a ceiling fan, check for any buzzing or clicking noises.

Night lights – Think about where your guests could be walking around during the night. Place night lights along their path to the bathroom and kitchen.

Snacks & water – Keep in mind these could be out for a few days. Bottled water and small packages of crackers, nuts, chips or candies are all great choices.

Luggage rack or ottoman/stool – Provide a place for your guests to comfortably place their suitcases.

Make room in the closet & supply a few empty hangers – If your closet is crowded, consider temporarily boxing up some things in the closet to make room for your guest to hang a few items.

Mirror – Include a small hand mirror or hang a full length mirror on the back of the door.

Trashcan – If your guest room isn’t used often, you may not normally keep a trashcan in there, but your guests will appreciate it.

Notepad & pen

A place for dirty laundry – Put a small pop-up hamper or empty laundry basket in your guest room.

Blinds or curtains that block light – Most people nap better in the dark.

Something to read – Provide a few magazines and books. Be sure there are selections for different interests.

Lightly decorate for the season – Bring a little of the seasonal decor into your guest room, but don’t overdo it. Something as simple as a framed print or fresh flowers will add a nice, personal touch.

folded towels on a table

The Guest Bathroom

Stock extra items and make space for items your guests will bring.

  • Toilet paper – store extra rolls under the sink or in the linen closet (get more than you think you will need)
  • Disposable cups – place on a pretty tray next to the sink for easy access
  • Towels and washcloths – have plenty of extras folded and ready to use
  • Hooks for robes or towels – give your guests a place to hang wet towels
  • Toiletries basket of items your guests may have forgotten to pack – Shampoo, Conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, Q-tips, soap, lotion, disposable razor, nail file, ibuprofen
  • Shower organizer – if your guests are staying several days, be sure there is a place for them to leave things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a razor in the shower
After-coffee horizontal copy

Preparing Your Kitchen

  • Coffee, creamer, and sugar – If your guests drink coffee be sure to show them where all the essentials are located. If you have a programmable coffee maker, set it to make the coffee early just in case your guests awake before you.
  • Coffee cups and glasses – Place some coffee mugs on the counter close to your coffee pot or purchase some disposable cups with lids.
  • Bottled water – Let your guests know where you keep extra water. We keep some in a drawer in the refrigerator and in our pantry.
  • Snacks – Designate a cabinet or shelf in the pantry for easy accessible snacks. Let your guests know these are available any time without the need to ask.
  • Breakfast items – You don’t have to cook a huge breakfast every day for your guests. Muffins, cereal, coffee cake, and bagels are some simple things you can make available for your guests.

Taking the time to prepare for guests ahead of time will make you a more confident and relaxed hostess. When you are relaxed, your guests will be, too.

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What a complete checklist for preparing for company! Saving this for future use. Ultimate Checklist Before Guests Arrive.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! We have a lot of family coming into town and needed some help figuring out the best way to prepare for their arrival. We may even invest in some carpet cleaning in carson city nv to really make the place shine for them. Thanks!

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