6 Simple Tips for Mailing Baked Goods

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You’ve poured your love into some special homemade treats and are ready to send them to your family and loved ones. Use these tips for mailing baked goods to ensure they arrive safely.

6 Tips for Mailing Baked Goods

If you’ve ever received baked goods in the mail, you know how special they are! Knowing that someone prepared the food especially for you with their hands truly touches your heart and makes you feel closer to them. It can melt the miles away.

Maybe you have loved ones who live far away this Christmas season, and you’d like to send a package of home baked love. You’ll want your specially prepared goodies to arrive in gift-worthy condition, but what is the best way to pack them for shipping? I have a few tips that will assure your cookies, cakes, and candies arrive looking their best.

The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received

I recall one particular Christmas when we lived in Staten Island, New York. My husband was in the Navy and stationed there for about 9 months. At that time my parents lived in Alabama, so it would have been a multiple day trip to drive there. As a newly married couple we had limited time off and very little money, so making the trip wasn’t going to happen that year.

On Christmas morning we opened our gifts, and both of us were feeling a little down. We were used to big family holidays, and this one was very different.

About mid-morning our doorbell rang, which surprised both of us. To our surprise, it was a US Postal Carrier with a box for us. We thanked her and quickly went upstairs to open it. It was a homemade pound cake from my Mom! It was THE BEST Christmas gift I have ever received! Having a taste of home made by my Mom made us feel closer to them instantly. I will never forget how that simple pound cake warmed my heart.

6 Tips for Mailing Baked Goods

I'll be using these 6 tips for mailing baked goods to send gifts to family far away. Great practical tips for how to mail cookies and other treats.

Make sure your special homemade treats arrive safely by following these 6 simple tips for mailing baked goods:

  1. Select sturdy baked goods – More dense baked goods will ship better than light flaky ones. Some great choices for shipping are pound cakes, gingerbread, fudge, and hard candy. Save the more fragile cookies and treats for hand deliveries to your local friends and neighbors.
  2. Double wrap – The first layer of wrapping will help contain crumbs and keep your baked goods fresh. To pack small items such as cookies, place only 2 of them in an airtight plastic bag separated by a piece of wax paper. If you are sending a variety of baked goods, they should be packaged with like items together. For example, don’t pack brownies with cookies. Packaging moist, chewy goodies with crunchy cookies will cause the cookies to become soft.
I'll be using these 6 tips for mailing baked goods to send gifts to family far away. Great practical tips for how to mail cookies and other treats.
  1. Choose a large box – Select a sturdy cardboard box to ship your baked goods. The box needs to be large enough to hold 2-3 inches of cushioning on every side and allow for cushioning between each small bag of baked goods. You’ll likely need a larger box than you expect.
  2. Use cushioning – Add lots of cushioning to the bottom and sides of the box before placing your smaller plastic bags inside. Bubble wrap, packing foam peanuts, or crumpled newspaper work well. Damage can be caused to your baked goods by packing too tightly or leaving too much space inside the box. Don’t overpack, but do pack snuggly. Leave room at the top of the box for another generous layer of bubble wrap.
  3. Ship the same day you bake – Plan to do your baking in the morning so you can get your goodies shipped the same day. Be sure all items are completely cooled before packing. I prefer to ship early in the week to avoid any delays the weekends may cause.
  4. Give the recipient a heads up – If you don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling them cookies are on the way, be sure to give the recipient a call or text a few days after shipping. You don’t want your fresh baked goods sitting in a mail box or under the Christmas tree for days getting stale.

By following these 6 Tips for Mailing Baked Goods, your gift should arrive fresh, delicious, and in one piece. Your loved ones will experience the tasty treats just as if they were sitting at the table with you in your home. And that’s exactly how you want them to feel.

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I'll be using these 6 tips for mailing baked goods to send gifts to family far away. Great practical tips for how to mail cookies and other treats.

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