Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags in Blue

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It’s pretty amazing how a little ribbon and gift tags can dress up the plainest of packages. Use these free printable Christmas gift tags to elevate your packages this season!

free printable Christmas gift tags in blue

A couple of years ago I used a Coastal Christmas theme for my Christmas decor. There were lots of blues and aqua and seashells. I loved it! If you would like to see how it turned out, here are some of the rooms:

When it was time to wrap gifts and place them under the tree, I didn’t want any glaring, bright colors that would distract from my theme. After searching everywhere and not finding exactly what I wanted, I decided to make some gift tags of my own.

Here are the gift tags I created to coordinate with my Coastal Christmas theme. These free printable Christmas Gift Tags are simple and elegant, but not too serious. If your Christmas decor could use some blue accents, you might want to print some of these!

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Even the plainest of packages can be magically transformed when you add a gift tag and ribbon. As a matter of fact, I prefer to wrap gifts in plain brown paper and embellish with colorful gift tags and bows. Brown wrapping paper can be dressed up or kept more casual to go with just about any occasion.

blue printable Christmas gift tags

Included in this set of free printable Christmas Gift Tags, there are both traditional hanging tags as well as circular tags. The 2.5 inch circles fit perfectly inside smaller mason jar lids. The 3-inch circles fit wide-mouth mason jars.

Mason jars are inexpensive and make a pretty presentation for all kinds of things, especially food gifts. In the pictures you can see my Sea Glass Candy inside of a mason jar. My Caramel Pecan Snack Mix also makes a great mason jar gift.

Sea Glass Candy Recipe

You can make this candy in any color and flavor combination you like. It makes a great gift presentation in mason jars.

Caramel Pecan Snack Mix Recipe

This delicious salty-sweet snack mix also makes a great gift presentation in mason jars.

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags in Blue

free printable Christmas gift tags in blue

The 2.5 inch Circle Tags fit perfectly on smaller sized Mason jars.
The 3 inch Circle Tags fit perfectly on wide mouth Mason jars

TIP: I purchased a large roll of brown paper from Amazon a year ago to wrap Christmas presents. When I purchased it, I didn’t realize how huge this roll of paper was, but I’m so glad I got it! I have used it to wrap numerous gifts from birthdays to baby showers, let my daughter draw and paint on it, and used it to cover tables during a cook out. It is super handy to have around the house.

I hope you love these free printable Christmas Gift tags and enjoy presenting your beautiful gifts to loved ones this holiday season.

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Love these blue printable Christmas gift tags! Simple, elegant gift tags that will go with silver and gold Christmas decor or even my Coastal Christmas theme. There are even round labels that fit large and small mason jar lids!

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  1. I was searching for hot cocoa bar printables for my command’s children’s holiday party this year and since the travel disposable cups I found were a blue/gold color motif your theme fit perfectly! it also fits the color theme in my home too so I can’t wait to incorporate some of the prints there as well! I found a sign for my daughter that says Mermaid kisses and Christmas wishes with a mermaid print and the same mint/light blue color at TJ Maxx. Since mermaids are her favorite (only ever beaten out by unicorns) it fit perfectly! Thank you so very much!

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