Make A Sandcastle Cake (Quick and Easy!)

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What a simple way to create a stunning Sandcastle Cake! I love this for a Mermaid or Under the Sea birthday party!

Our daughter really wanted a Sandcastle Cake for her Mermaid Under the Sea birthday party. However, I quickly realized they were among the more expensive cakes at the bakery and well out of my budget for this party. (Evidently beach themed weddings are huge right now.) Having the curse of expensive taste and a tight budget, I am greatly experienced in recreating an expensive look on a tight budget, so I thought of a way to create my own Sandcastle Cake…kind of.

There were so many projects I wanted to make for this party, and I needed to carefully manage my time. The cake was going to be the focal-point of our table, so it had to be perfect. It is also time consuming to make a cake from scratch and decorate it, so I thought of a way to “cheat” on this project a bit.

Sandcastle Cake Cheat

I asked the bakery if I could order an UN-decorated cake covered in graham cracker crumbs. I could! And it was much less expensive than the fully decorated one!
Perfect! I save money, and I get to do the most fun part…decorating it!

Undecorated Sandcastle Cake

My local Publix bakery made this plain cake with white frosting covered in graham cracker crumbs, and they were more than happy to accommodate my request. I even got to choose the shape, cake flavor and frosting type. If you don’t have a Publix in your area, try a local bakery or grocery store bakery. They are usually happy to fill special orders.

You could save even more money by asking a friend or relative to make this part of the cake. The cake could be their gift to the birthday girl! {By the way, that’s how I got my wedding cake for free!}

Isn’t it pretty even without any decorations?

Sandcastle Cake You Will Need

Now for the fun part! Time to decorate!

  • Un-decorated cake from the bakery covered in graham cracker crumbs
  • Graham cracker crumbs (Publix supplied me with a bag of extra crumbs, and I didn’t even ask for them.)
  • White frosting, any flavor you like
  • Sugar cones in the classic cone shape (not the ones that are flat on the bottom)
  • Blue Twist Lollipops (to use as flags)
  • Chocolate Seashells
  • Candles
Sandcastle Cake Cones Prepared

Making the Castle Turrets

You can do this step one day before the party. Store the completed turrets covered in a cool place until you are ready to assemble your cake.

First, determine how many turrets your cake will need. Making a sketch of your cake or looking up pictures of other cakes may help you decide how many you’ll need. Depending on the size and shape of your cake, you may need more or less cones than I used. For my Sandcastle Cake I used 5 cones: one on each corner of the lower layer and one in the center on top. If you aren’t sure how many you’ll use, go ahead and make a couple of extras just in case.

Start by cutting the tip off of each cone. I found a serrated bread knife is a great tool for this job. The more you cut off, the larger your hole will be. You want the hole to be large enough to fit the sticks of the lollipops into but small enough so the entire lollipop doesn’t fall through. Cut off just a small amount at a time and take off more until you get the right sized hole.

Sandcastle Cake Prepare Cones

After trimming the cones, the next step is to cover the outside of them with frosting. They don’t need to be frosted neatly since they will soon be covered in graham cracker crumbs. Pour enough graham cracker crumbs onto a plate to cover it well, then roll the frosting-covered cones in the plate of crumbs. This is a great step to assign to your kids (or even to your husband)! Just be sure to explain no finger-licking is allowed until the job is complete. 😉

Assembling the Sandcastle Cake

Turn the frosted, covered cones upside down and push the wide end of the cones into the cake. Don’t be afraid to use a little force here and really push these down. You don’t want the castle to come toppling over during the party. You can patch any dents or smudges easily by applying a little extra frosting and graham cracker crumbs. This cake decoration is very easy to work with.

Choose lollipops and candles to coordinate with your party theme colors. I chose to use shades of blue.


A pretty addition to the Sandcastle Cake are these Chocolate Seashells. I added just a few to the cake to complete the look.

The result is a very expensive looking Sandcastle Cake for a fraction of the professionally decorated bakery price. It was the first thing our guests noticed, and I happily shared my time and money saving secret with them.
But you don’t have to tell if you don’t want to!


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What a simple way to create a stunning Sandcastle Cake! I love this for a Mermaid or Under the Sea birthday party!

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