Green and Black Spring Decor

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Welcome to our formal living room all decked out in green and black spring decor.

Green and Black Spring Decor

Green and Black Spring Decor

When we first moved into this home several years ago, I wasn’t sure what to call this space. It is a small room located just off of the kitchen. There is a separate dining room and space for a kitchen table. However, I have come to realize this special place is a Keeping Room.

A Keeping Room is typically located adjacent to the kitchen. It’s a space where family or guests can gather to talk and interact while preparing meals. Don’t you love that? No more getting stuck in the kitchen alone.

Our Keeping Room has become my favorite room in the house to decorate. With the high ceilings, amazing fireplace focal point, and small floor plan, there is a lot I can pack into this space.

This year I wanted a neutral spring decor. After evaluating what decorations I already had on hand, I decided to go with a Green and Black Spring decor. I purchased absolutely nothing new this year to decorate for spring, which makes it one of my husband’s favorite styles.

Green and Black Spring Decor - green pillow covers on the chairs

Green and Black Spring Decor Inspiration

When choosing a color palette, I usually start with one or two inspiration pieces. My starting point this year were the green pillow covers shown on the slipcovered chairs, a set of black matte candlesticks, and a set of black matte pillar candle holders . I purchased all of these items from Amazon over a year ago and have used them several times.

Green and Black Spring Decor - Fireplace mantle

Green and Black Fireplace Mantle

Let’s start with the fireplace mantle since it’s the focal point of the room. In the center I left the ceramic houses from the Blue and Green Christmas decor. I also kept the two small wooden trees. Adding natural wood colors to the Green and Black color scheme kept it from getting too heavy. You can see the black matte candlesticks I mentioned earlier (both the pillar candle holders and the tall candlesticks). The chunky wooden candlesticks on each end were found at TJMaxx a few years ago.

Closeup of the Green and Black Spring fireplace mantle

Think outside the box when you’re decorating candlesticks. In the past I’ve used bird nests atop my pillar candlesticks, but this year I added a mini preserved boxwood wreath and seashells with colors to complement the overall decor. The boxwood is repeated way at the top with a larger preserved boxwood wreath.

The wicker bunnies were from last year’s Target spring collection. After Easter is over, I’ll remove the bunnies and leave everything else as-is until I tweak it again for summer decor.

Green and Black Spring Decor fireplace hearth

Don’t forget about the hearth when decorating! I keep real wood in this fireplace year round. Battery powered fairy lights on a timer are intertwined to create a nice ambiance in the evenings.

Books are great for adding a little height and another splash of color. The wicker vase on the left side is from last year’s Target spring collection and is filled long stems called Allium Giganteum from Amazon. The textured flower pot and mini plant are also from Amazon.

Spring Decor on the Chairs and Coffee Table

Green and Black spring decor on the coffee table

Repeating elements in your decor brings a cohesive look to your overall design. You can see I’ve repeated some items from the mantle here in the coffee table arrangement. The stacked books, black matte pillar candle holder, boxwood mini wreath, and the seashell are all repeats.

The wooden houses mimic the color of the wooden trees on the mantle (and were also used in my Christmas decor). I also added a jar candle. Everything sits in a square wooden tray.

When Easter is over, I’ll remove the bunny, shift the plant down on top of the books, and move the shell to the top of the candle holder. I may add a few smaller seashells. Time will tell!

Green and Black Spring Decor

The slipcovered chairs have simple black and white throws on the back and the green pillow covers offer a pretty pop of color.

Botanical Watercolor Prints for the Wall Art

I couldn’t find artwork I wanted for this room, so I created some botanical prints using AI (artificial intelligence). I love how they complement the rest of the decor in this room.

Free Botanical Watercolor Prints

Free Botanical Watercolor Prints

These botanical prints are available to download for free! Click the button below to download yours!

Here are a few more pics around the room.

Green and Black Spring Decor
Green and Black Spring Decor
Green and Black Spring Decor

Thank you for stopping by my Keeping Room to check out the Green and Black Spring decor. I hope you are inspired to create some spring magic in your spaces!

More Spring Decor Inspiration

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