Fall Table Decor with White Pumpkins

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Use tiny white pumpkins at each place setting to create a stunning fall table decor. 

Creating the Fall Table Decor with White Pumpkins

Most seasons I just create a centerpiece without place settings, but this year I happened to find these orange/copper leaf salad plates at Home Goods and could not resist. I had to use them. I already had an assortment of small white pumpkins from previous years, so I decided to combine them for this year’s fall table decor. 

The Color Scheme: Orange, Blue, White, Wood

Choosing my color scheme first helps me focus as I choose what elements I’m going to include in the fall table decor. Since the orange/copper salad plates were my inspiration pieces, I knew that the copper-orange color would be the star of the table. Orange is a bright color, and you don’t need much of it to make a statement. The opposite of orange is blue, and since that’s the color on the walls in our dining room I decided to play that up as well. 

Fall Table Decor Elements and Accents

With my color scheme in mind I headed to my decor closet where I store all kinds of elements and accents I use over and over throughout the year. Here are the items I selected for the fall table decor:

  • Copper-orange leaf shaped salad plates
  • Blue chargers
  • White dinner plates
  • Natural woven table runner with shell fringe
  • Small white pumpkins
  • Acorns (single and clusters)
  • Cotton stalks
  • Rustic dough bowl
  • Copper tumblers
  • Pine cones
  • A chunky starfish (to add a bit of beachy whimsy)

The Place Settings

Blue chargers were the base. These are inexpensive plastic chargers with a shiny metallic finish. I’ve had them several years, and they have held up pretty well. Next are white plates with a detailed rim. We inherited these from my husband’s grandmother, and I use them often. (Thank you, Nana!) The copper-orange salad plates are next. I love how the white plate makes both the salad plates and the charger pop! Each place setting was finished with a tiny white pumpkin. Doesn’t it scream fall?

The Centerpiece

My rustic dough bowl is something I use often in fall and winter decor. It is so versatile, and the warm feel of it is perfect for the colder months. If you look really closely you may be able to see that the bottom of the bowl is covered with small white seashells. Next I added more of the same tiny white pumpkins used in the place settings along with some pine cones, cotton stalks, and acorns. Some of the acorns had curly stems enabling them to be wrapped around the stem of the pumpkins. Copper mugs flank the dough bowl with more cotton stalks, a sprig of eucalyptus to bring in a little greenery, and a cluster of acorns hanging on the side. 

The table runner is a woven fabric that reminds me of burlap but not quite as rustic, and look at that fringe detail! The beach lover in me cannot resist adding a touch of the sea into my decor all year long. You can always find a seashell, coral, or starfish in my decor. Don’t be afraid to include something unexpected if you love it!

And here are few more pictures of the fall table decor.

Now go create your own variety of fall table decor that will make you smile and enjoy being at home. 

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