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Being a new Mom can be overwhelming. There are so many things to remember…
When was the last feeding?
Did I start that third load of laundry?
How long has it been since I changed the baby’s diaper?
Did I take a shower today?
Do I have time to take a nap?
When was the last time I ate?
What time is the pediatrician appointment?
What day is it?
It’s nearly impossible to remember everything when your brain is not reliable because you are physically tired, sleep deprived, and overall exhausted.

Hang in there, Mama. Your life will not always be like this, but for now I have a little help for you.

When I had my first baby my older sister, who was already a Mom, gave me the best gift ever. She knew how hard those first few months were going to be for me. She knew how I would long to feel organized and in control of something, anything. She knew I would want to take my baby out and show him off to the world, and she knew how hard it would be to remember all the little things I needed to pack in the diaper bag. So, she created a Diaper Bag Checklist for me that I could attach right to my diaper bag.

I grew to love and depend on that Diaper Bag Checklist. At a quick glance I could be sure the diaper bag contained absolutely everything we would need for our outing without using my over-tired brain. I did not have to go through a mental checklist and think about every situation we might encounter before leaving my house. I simply referenced my Diaper Bag Checklist and proceeded confidently on my way.

A Diaper Bag Checklist makes a great gift for any new mom!

Simply print them on regular copy paper or cardstock and cut them out. The printed size of each tag is 2″x 5.75″, and they fit perfectly inside these clear Cruise Luggage Tag holders (affiliate link) available on Amazon.

I have included a checklist For Infant, For Baby, For You and a First Aid checklist.
For your convenience, the Diaper Bag Checklists have a few blank lines at the bottom. This is where you can add additional items and customize your checklist.

It’s a good idea to keep First Aid supplies in a small bag inside the diaper bag. Tuck the First Aid checklist right inside your First Aid kit. Since it doesn’t usually need to be restocked as often as the main diaper bag supplies, you won’t need to reference it as often.

Diaper Bag Checklist - boy - girl

Download the Baby Girl Diaper Bag Checklist HERE.
Download the Baby Boy Diaper Bag Checklist HERE.

How To Assemble the Diaper Bag Checklist


Print the Diaper Bag Checklist of your choice.


Cut out the lists and place one For Baby and one For You back to back.
Slide them into the Luggage Tag Holder.


Slide one end of the plastic loop through the opening at the top of the tag holder. Thread the other end of the plastic loop through the opposite end. Pull snugly to secure.


Attach to your diaper bag in the same manner. Wrap the plastic loop around a strap on the diaper bag. Then tread the other end including the entire luggage tag through the opposite end of the plastic loop.

Now you can enjoy peace of mind every time you go out with your baby!

Do you know someone who could use a Diaper Bag Checklist?
Offer a friend a little help and encouragement by sharing.
Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

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Diaper Bag Checklist - pin

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    1. Thanks so much, Ashley!
      The bag in the picture is a Vera Bradley Pleated Tote. The color is Call Me Coral, but I’m not sure if they make that pattern anymore. It worked great as a diaper bag because it has deep, large side pockets, interior pockets for organizing small things, and shoulder straps for easy lugging around.

  1. This is a genius idea! And so adorable! I have several friends expecting this year and I think it would make a great (and practical) gift to print this out,” and then get a sweet diaper bag and everything listed on the tag AS the gift! So FUN!! Thank you for this great idea!

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