Light Blue White and Gold Christmas Decorations in the Dining Room

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Come on a tour of our dining room all decked out with light blue white and gold Christmas decorations. It’s the perfect amount of sparkle for the holiday season without being overly formal. 

Blue White and Gold Christmas Decorations

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Welcome to our Christmas dining room! During the holiday season, we use our dining room more than any other time of the year. Because it’s such a busy room this time of year, I don’t over-decorate it. Not only do we eat a lot of meals in this room, but we also use it for enjoying family boardgames together.

The term “form follows function” means the purpose of the room should be the first thing to consider before the decor. Not only does this apply to everyday decor, but it also applies to seasonal decor. Your decorations should not limit the use of a room. They should simply make it a beautiful space to be in and enjoy time with family and friends.

If your dining room is as busy as ours, don’t fill it with a bunch of decorations that you’ll need to move around every time you want to use the table. Sure, place settings are beautiful and add more color and sparkle to the room, but who wants to have to move 8 place settings every time you want to play games with the family?

Blue White and Gold Christmas Decorations

blue white and gold Christmas decorations in the dining room at night

Sometimes I have a theme for my Christmas decor, but more often it’s a color scheme. This year I used light blue white and gold Christmas decorations in the dining room. The decorations are purposefully sparse but provide a Christmas-y feel as we enjoy time together here.

Custom Christmas Banners

Banners are a simple way to add an unobtrusive decoration in a room. I like to display them on mirrors, artwork, and in windows. A few years ago I was shopping on Etsy for two banners: “Merry Christmas” and another that said “Believe,” but I couldn’t find the color scheme I wanted. I contacted an Etsy seller and asked if she could customize colors for me, and she was happy to make me a custom order.

Here is the listing for the style of banner I liked: Etsy Merry Christmas Banner in red and green.
And you can see below the “Believe” banner the Etsy store owner created to match my blue white and gold Christmas decorations. Don’t be afraid to request a custom design on Etsy! Most store owners are happy to accommodate custom requests.

blue white and gold Christmas decorations-buffet believe banner

Blue White and Gold Christmas Tree

blue white and gold Christmas decorations-tree during the day
blue white and gold Christmas decorations-tree at night

Pencil trees are perfect for busy rooms. You can tuck them neatly in a corner, and even a small tree will create a nice ambience in the room with warm twinkle lights. The decor on this tree consists of gold mesh ribbon garland, tiny bows made with white ribbon trimmed in gold, gold ornaments, light blue ornaments, and some large blue jingle bells.

Here’s a closer look at the tree decorations:

More Blue White and Gold Christmas Decorations

blue white and gold Christmas decorations-china cabinet with trees and houses on top

Continuing around the room you’ll find our antique china cabined all dressed up for Christmas. Two small boxwood wreaths hang on the front from the same ivory and gold trimmed ribbon used on the tree. On top there are white ceramic houses and an assortment of bottle brush trees, driftwood trees, fluffy trees, and gold trees along with some blue and white vases that stay up there all year long. This is also where we keep our Alexa device in the dining room for playing music while we eat or enjoy game nights.

blue white and gold Christmas decorations on the buffet
blue white and gold Christmas decorations on the buffet
blue white and gold Christmas decorations on the buffet

The dining room table has a simple blue and white runner, two gold and white vases with faux small trees and fairy lights, along with a set of blue salt and pepper shakers (pretty and useful).

The buffet on the back wall has 2 crystal lamps, chunky wood candlesticks, gold taper candlesticks, and cloches with ceramic houses and tiny bottle brush trees. The mirror above the buffet features the “BELIEVE” banner and the wall decor is adorned with boxwood wreaths and ribbon to match the ones on the china cabinet.

blue white and gold christmas decorations-entry chest

A shallow blue chest of drawers is the only furniture in the entryway, which is right off the dining room. I kept this pretty simple, too with only a small tree and 2 gold deer figurines.

I hope you enjoyed a little Christmas tour around our dining room. It’s certainly not as fully decorated as some years, but it’s nice to do a little less and focus more on enjoying the time with family and friends. 

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