Blue Green and Gold Christmas Kitchen

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Come along for a tour of our Blue Green and Gold Christmas kitchen! There are velvet ribbons and mini wreaths on the cabinets as well as a Christmas tree!

Blue Green and Gold Christmas Kitchen

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For years I never put any Christmas decorations in my kitchen except maybe some Christmas hand towels. It’s such a busy room with all the extra cooking and baking during the holiday season, and I didn’t want a lot of clutter. Then one day I saw a picture of small wreaths hanging on cabinet doors, and I absolutely loved it! They added a big visual impact, but they were up and out of the way. Now I enjoy changing the ribbon and adding different ornaments inside the wreaths every year to match my Christmas decor theme.

Our kitchen is open to the Keeping Room in our house, so the decor in both rooms needs to coordinate. This year my Keeping Room is decorated in blue, green, plaid and gold. I decided to make green and gold the main colors in the kitchen with a little bit of the blue and plaid on the pencil tree and wreath. Come take a look around!

Green and Gold Christmas Kitchen

green and gold Christmas kitchen

As mentioned earlier, the biggest visual impact are the mini wreaths on the cabinets. They are hung with green velvet ribbon trimmed in gold. In the center of each wreath is a large gold jingle bell. I removed the strings that came with them and instead hung the bells with a decorative wire ornament hanger.

Below the cabinets on the counter you’ll see our hot chocolate bar. It has taken many forms over the years, but this year I kept it simple with all the toppings contained in a wooden container. It includes mini marshmallows, dehydrated marshmallows, crushed peppermint candy, and syrup toppings in the flavors of caramel, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. We use this a lot all through the winter. Kids and guests especially love it!

Side note: I used to crush my own peppermint candy, but it scratched up the inside of my mini food processor a lot. So, now I buy it already crushed. One bag usually lasts all winter long. I also get the huge container of dehydrated mini marshmallows every year. I make hot chocolate baskets for our neighbors and include a mason jar of these marshmallows. Everyone LOVES them!

green and gold Christmas kitchen

The mini wreaths continue around the room. I didn’t put a wreath on all of the full length cabinets and skipped the shorter ones.

green and gold Christmas kitchen
green and gold Christmas kitchen

We created a little coffee bar tucked away on the end of this section of cabinets next to the kitchen table. This is where we have our second coffee machine, a Nespresso. (Yes, we love our coffee and the Nespresso machine!). I added a “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” sign and a small tree to the shelves for a touch of decor in this area.

green and gold Christmas kitchen

I placed a simple wreath on the french door that leads to our screened back porch. It simply has a gold jingle bell cluster and a blue and green plaid ribbon trimmed in gold.

Blue Green and Gold Christmas Tree

blue green gold Christmas kitchen tree

Pencil trees are great for tight places, and this one is nicely tucked in the corner by our kitchen table. The plaid ribbon garland and the blue and green ornaments are the same ones I used on the Keeping Room Christmas trees, but I added large gold jingle bells to create a different look. These are the same jingle bells in the wreaths on the cabinets.

blue green gold Christmas kitchen tree at night

Here’s how it looks at night all lit up! I love the glow of Christmas lights all around our home during the holiday season. It’s my favorite thing about Christmas!

And here are some close up shots of the blue green and gold Christmas tree during the day and night.

That completes the Green and Gold Christmas Kitchen tour! I hope you enjoyed the decorations!

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