7 Ways To Streamline Your Housework

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Every household struggles with it at some point. Housework can be the toughest thing to handle, but these 7 Ways To Streamline Your Housework are sure to help you stay on top of it with ease.

7 ways to streamline your housework

Streamline Your Housework

With a little planning and some smart storage solutions not only will your home be the way you want it to be, but you won’t be as stressed. The result will be more quality time with your family. Here are some simple things to help you stay on top of your housework. 

Sorting Hamper

1. Use Sorting Hampers for Laundry

Laundry can be one of the toughest things to keep up with in your home. Invest in sorting hampers so clothing is already sorted when it makes it to the laundry room. This helps save time and is a great way kids can help you with chores.

household cleaning supplies arranged by color, on white background

2. Use Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Instead of having 7-8 different types of cleaners, find 2-3 great multi-purpose sanitizing cleaners you can use throughout your home. A great sanitizing spray that can be used on both kitchen and bathroom counters is a good investment.

cleaning and home concept - close up of male hoovering carpet

3. Assign Basic Chores to Kids

Let kids start loads of laundry, move clothes from the washer to the dryer, fold clothes, clean their bathrooms and keep their rooms up. Vacuuming is another great chore kids can help with at even only 5-6 years old. Getting the whole family involved will help tremendously.


4. Invest in Quality Convenient Storage

Target the areas that accumulate clutter in your house. For things that need to be handy but often end up creating clutter, invest in storage instead. Book shelves, hanging shelves or tubs that can be easily hidden under beds or in closets will help your home to feel more puled together all the time. Flat baskets and pretty trays can be decorative and tame that pile of mail, too.

closeup of a young caucasian man arranging the closet

5. Get Rid of Clutter

Purge the unnecessary items from your home, and see your housework lifted quickly. Make a rule to have pick-up-time an hour before bedtime and enforce it. Add magazine racks, or end tables with drawers and shelving for easy storage of things like books, magazines and knitting that is out of site, but still convenient.

Cleaning Caddy

6. Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Keep cleaning supplies where you need them: in all bathrooms, under the kitchen counter, and in the laundry room for easy access. I like to store mine in a plastic storage caddy with handles. This saves time on digging out supplies and hauling back and forth through the house. Bonus: if you run out of a cleaner, you’ll likely have more in another place in the house instead of having to run to the store before you can clean.

Low Angle View of Young Woman Mopping Kitchen Floor with Focus on Shiny Clean Floor and Mop

7. Clean One Room Per Day

For those deep cleaning projects like dusting, cleaning baseboards and vacuuming under furniture create a routine of one room per day (or every other day). As you rotate around each week, you’ll find you are keeping up on the cleaning so regularly that it takes much less time to complete. To divide the work, assign a room to each person in your home. Your family will tend to keep the house cleaner if they “own” the mess.

Keeping up with our chores is easy when you use these ways to streamline your housework. You no longer have to be overwhelmed with tons of things to do all on one day. Spread things out, make it easier to accomplish and involve your family to make your home sparkle with ease.


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