Spring Wreath Ideas

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A collection of 24 spring wreath ideas available on Amazon that will make your front door beautiful and welcoming for guests.

24 Spring Wreath Ideas

The sun is shining, the days are longer, the weather is warming up, and spring is here! It’s time to add some spring touches to your home as well.

The front door is a good place to start. I like to decorate my front porch like any other room in my home, and the wreath is the focal point. Since it’s the first thing guests will see when they arrive, you should think about what you’re hanging right their eye level.

There are so many styles to choose from and a very wide price range as well. Since I like to change out my decor every couple of years I don’t want to spend too much on any wreath. I also want a wreath that looks nice (that’s the whole point, right?) and not cheap. At the time of writing this post, all of the spring wreath ideas below are under $50 (except for one) with great reviews. (Prices on Amazon fluctuate, so it’s possible some of the prices may go up.) I’m having a hard time deciding which one to get!

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Yellow Spring Wreath Ideas

Yellow Peonies and Lemons

Brighten up your front door with this 20 inch wreath covered in yellow peonies, white hydrangeas, and lemons.

Yellow Forsythia

This 24 inch wreath is sure to brighten your front door. Bursting with yellow forsythia that fans out all around, this wreath also comes with a detachable “hello” sign.

Lemons and Flowers

With small yellow and white flowers, variegated greenery, feathery sprigs and lemons, this 20 inch wreath is a great option for your spring door.

Pink Spring Wreath Ideas

Simple Pink Tulips

Nothing screams spring more than tulips. This wreath would be great if you have double front doors. At 15 inches in diamerer, it isn’t huge or expensive. Also available in these color combinations: blue-yellow, red-pink-orange, and red-white-blue.

Lush Pink Tulips

Use this larger pink tulip wreath on a large, heavy door to brighten your entry. This wreath measures 20 inches in diameter. Also available in red-yellow.

Pink Forsythia

Here’s a different spin on pink. These pretty pink forsythia blooms fan out all around this 18 inch wreath. Also available in blue, purple, red, and yellow.

Blue and Purple Spring Wreath Ideas

Hydrangeas and Roses

Aren’t these colors beautiful! This wreath could carry you all the way through spring and into summer. This 16 inch wreath is also available in gray-blue and pink and in various sizes.

Forsythia Floral Wreath

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this blue flowered wreath. It has an 18 inch base, but the flowers fan out making it appear larger. Also available in pink, purple, red, and yellow.

Blue & Purple Peony Flowers

If you like larger flowers, peonies might be for you! This wreath is on the smaller side with a 13 inch diameter. It would be a great choice if you have double front doors.

Lavender and Eucalyptus

If you’re looking for a pop of purple, this might be for you! It’s a great choice for spring. This wreath measures 23 inches in diameter. Check out my Lavender Spring Decor for more ideas.

All Lavender

This all lavender wreath comes in 18 inch and 23 inch sizes, and both are under $50. I love the flat back on this one that helps it lay flat against the door.

Multi Color Spring Wreath Ideas

Yellow and Pink Wildflowers

Can’t decide what color you want? You don’t have to with this wreath. It reminds me of a wildflower bouquet. This wreath is a large 22 inches in diameter.

Daisy and Rose Wreath

If you want something light and bright, consider this one. The pastel color palette tones it down a bit giving this wreath a sweet spring feel. This is a larger wreath measuring 24 inches in diameter.

Lavender Daisy and Wildflowers

Lots of bright flowers in yellow, pink, and purple cover this twig grapevine wreath. It’s a sturdy, bright choice for your front door. This wreath is 22 inches in diameter.

Purple and White Flowers

The purple and white flowers on this one are so realistic, and I love the leaves they used. It’s a larger 22 inch wreath, and it also comes with a hanger.

White Spring Wreath Ideas

Tiny White Flowers

Here’s a 20 inch boxwood wreath covered in tiny white buds. This one is a classic, classy choice that will never go out of style.

Peonies and Hydrangeas

Looking for an all white wreath? This one has a great combination of hydrangeas, peonies, and multiple kinds of greenery. It’s 22 inches in diameter.

Lambs Ear with White Seed Branches

I love using lambs ear in spring and fall. The texture brings a little unexpected softness to the wreath along with the tiny white seed branches. This one is 18 inches in diameter.

White Berries

Two different types of white berries and feathery white stems cover this wreath along with eucalyptus. It is 20 inches in diameter, and this one works with spring or winter decor.

White Cherry Blossoms

Bursting with blossoms, this 18 inch white cherry blossom wreath could last you all spring and summer long. It has a light whimsical feeling about it. A storage box is also included.

Eucalyptus with Berries &White Flowers

With multiple kinds of greenery, berries, and white flowers this wreath is a great selection for spring. It is 18 inches in diameter. You can also get a similar wreath in a 24-inch diameter.

Green Spring Wreath Ideas


Choose from green, white, or a combination of eucalyptus leaves. This wreath is 20 inches in diameter and could be used all year long. Add floral sprigs to change it up season to season.


Consider this wreath an investment piece. It’s slightly over my $50 budget, but I think it’s worth it! This beauty is a huge 24 inch wreath with full variegated boxwood all around. This one may be my favorite!

Maybe by seeing all of these wreaths here together it will help you decide which one you’d like for your front door. They are all so pretty and would be perfect to welcome guests, friends, and family.

Me…I still can’t decide! Drop a note in the comments and tell me which one is your favorite!

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