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102 Summer Bucket List Items to do this summer!

The long awaited time of the year every kid longs for, but when it arrives they have no idea how to spend their time. How early in the summer do we hear the words, “I’m bored.” Am I the only Mom who has heard those dreaded words on the first day of summer vacation?

This summer is your time to be prepared. Head off the boredom complaints by printing and posting this Summer Bucket List on your refrigerator. I’ve included a variety of activities including outside play, indoor activities, things to do alone, things to do with friends and things to do together as a family.

Your challenge to your kids will be…

How many Summer Bucket List items can you complete?

Enjoy the summer!

Download the Printable Summer Bucket List HERE. 

102 Summer Bucket List Items

  1. Homemade Ice Cream
  2. Play in a Sprinkler
  3. Write a Story
  4. Complete a 1000 Piece Puzzle
  5. Nature Hike
  6. Bird Watch
  7. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  8. Eat Outside
  9. Play Card Games
  10. Fly a Kite
  11. Go To the Beach
  12. Bake Cookies for Neighbors
  13. Blow Bubbles
  14. Look at the Stars
  15. Ride a Bike
  16. Water Balloon Fight
  17. Play Frisbee
  18. Sidewalk Chalk
  19. BBQ with Friends
  20. DIY Popsicles
  21. Swim
  22. Swim at Night
  23. Play Hopscotch
  24. See Fireworks
  25. Family Board Game Night
  26. Design T-shirts
  27. Play Charades
  28. Make Paper Airplanes
  29. Make Friendship Bracelets
  30. Temporary Tattoos
  31. Collect Seashells
  32. Hula Hoop
  33. Roadtrip
  34. Doodle
  35. Make S’mores
  36. Wash the Car
  37. Create a Puppet Show
  38. Play in the Rain
  39. Watch an Old Movie
  40. Bike Wash with Friends
  41. Draw a Picture
  42. Jump Rope
  43. Keep a Journal
  44. Write a Letter & Mail It
  45. Home Spa Day
  46. Paint on Canvas
  47. Build a Sandcastle
  48. Feed Ducks
  49. Go Fishing
  50. Ride in a Boat
  51. Play Hide-and-Seek
  52. Plant Herbs or Flowers
  53. Back To School Shopping
  54. Slip-n-Slide
  55. Water Gun Fight
  56. No Technology Day
  57. Take a Walk
  58. Kids Plan & Cook Dinner
  59. Climb a Tree
  60. Rearrange Your Room
  61. Bubble Bath
  62. Watch a Sunset
  63. Disney Movie Marathon Day
  64. Host a Sleepover
  65. Write a Song or Poem
  66. Science Experiment Day
  67. Finish an Entire Coloring Book
  68. Pick Berries
  69. Backyard Camping
  70. Prank Someone
  71. Learn a Magic Trick
  72. Learn a Yo-Yo Trick
  73. Read a Book
  74. Take Underwater Pictures
  75. Make a Summer Music List
  76. Pajama Day
  77. Build a Fort
  78. Mini Golf
  79. Bowling
  80. Donate Old Clothes & Toys
  81. Play an Instrument
  82. Bake a Rainbow Cake
  83. Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk
  84. Make Up a Secret Handshake
  85. Build with Legos
  86. Play Flashlight Tag
  87. Teach Your Pet a New Trick
  88. Backyard Obstacle Course
  89. Make Cards
  90. Cannonball
  91. Sail Paper Boats
  92. Learn a Sign Language Alphabet
  93. Make Root Beer Floats
  94. Play a New Board Game
  95. Throw a Party
  96. Do Random Acts of Kindness
  97. Camp Indoors
  98. Say “Hello” in 10 Different Languages
  99. Look at Old Family Photos Together
  100. Dance
  101. Eat Cotton Candy
  102. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Leave a comment below with your favorite activity on my list or suggest additions.

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