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Printable Grocery List

This free Printable Grocery List helps you stay organized and spend less time in the grocery store. There are also matching Meal Planning sheets! And they're available in half sizes for the mini binders!

You’ve spent the time to pre-plan your meals and make a grocery list. So why does the actual grocery shopping take so long? Just when you think you’re almost done you realize you forgot something 3 aisles back. This scenario repeats throughout your shopping trip, and pretty soon you realize you’ve been on every aisle at least twice. There’s got to be a better way!

What if your grocery list was organized like a grocery store? If all the produce items were together on your list, it would be easy to grab all of them while you’re actually in the produce section. This Printable Grocery List will help you organize your list and spend less time backtracking while shopping. As you make your grocery list, simply write the item under the correct category. You’ll get through the store in record time!

The Printable Grocery List is broken into 14 different categories:

I’ve also included a section for notes. This is where you can jot down extra information like “pick up prescription,” or “grab a bag of ice,” or “get gas on the way home.” Anything extra you need to remember goes here.

Printable Grocery List

The Printable Grocery List is available to print in 2 sizes.

Printable Grocery List – Full Size 8.5×11 – PRINT HERE

Printable Grocery List – Half Size 5×8 – PRINT HERE

These half sheets fit perfectly in the half size binders!

 Want to save even more time on grocery shopping and meal planning?

Check out How To Get the Most From A Weekly Meal Plan. I’ll walk you through a simple 8-step process of simplifying your meal planning to save time and money. You’ll also be able to print a coordinating Weekly Meal Plan available in 6 different colors and 2 different sizes.

I don’t know anyone who likes to spend hours in the grocery store.
It’s time to simplify your weekly grocery shopping!

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