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Pantry Essentials for a Well Stocked Kitchen

This is a great list of essential pantry items to stock in your kitchen. I love that it's a free printable. Just print, place it in a sheet protector and reuse it. My kitchen is about to become organized!

Maintaining a well stocked kitchen full of pantry essentials is key to running an efficient household. Keeping pantry essentials on hand saves both money and time. There will always be something at home you can cook! If you keep your pantry stocked, you won’t be tempted to grab unhealthy, expensive fast food on your way home, and you’ll need less frequent trips to the grocery store.

This is also a great starter list for someone moving into a new home or apartment.

How To Use the Pantry Essentials List

Each time you make a grocery list to do your regular shopping, consult this Pantry Essentials List for things you need to replenish. You’ll be surprised at the all the meals you can make from your well stocked kitchen!

Place your Pantry Essentials List in a sheet protector,  laminate it, or place it in a frame with a glass front. Keep it with your Weekly Meal Planning sheets (laminated or in a sheet protector) or hang it inside your pantry on a clipboard. Check off items as you run out of them with a grease pencil or dry erase marker. Then after shopping, you can wipe off your list and start anew. Convenient and easy!

Pantry Essentials

Listed below are items you should keep stocked in your kitchen. You’ll be able to create numerous meals, snacks, and even desserts with these basic supplies.


Baking Supplies


Canned, Jarred, or Bottled Goods

Dry Goods


Herbs and Spices

Dried Herbs



Not refrigerated



Dairy and Eggs



With these items on hand you’ll be able to create last minute meals even when you can’t get to the grocery store every week. A well stocked kitchen of pantry essentials can make meal time easier when life gets hectic.

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